• PFTSTA Uniform Policy


    Gray uniform pants, knee-length shorts, or the Patrick F. Taylor plaid skirt.

    Skirts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee all the way around.


    White or royal blue polo shirts with the Patrick F. Taylor school logo.

    Solid short-sleeved white, gray, black, or blue undershirt, if applicable.

    Shirts must be tucked into pants or skirts.

    Seniors may wear the Oxford style shirts with the Patrick F. Taylor logo.

    Class shirts may only be worn on Fridays (Spirit Days).

    Students may wear solid royal blue, white, or gray long sleeve shirts under their uniform shirts. No logos or words may be visible.



    Black, gray, blue, and white sweatshirts with the Patrick F. Taylor logo or Taylor team or club approved outerwear.

    Jackets/Coats should be solid with no messages or pictures.


    Shoes and Tights/Leggings:

    Students may wear athletic shoes, top-siders, or rubber-soled shoes.

    Backless shoes, Crocs, boots, high heels, platform shoes, moccasins, slippers, flip flops, or shoes with wheels may not be worn.

    Solid royal blue, gray, black, or white full length tights/leggings may be worn. The tights must reach the ankle.



    Blue or gray v-neck or cardigan sweater with Patrick F. Taylor logo.


    Students are allowed to dress out for P.E.

    P.E. Uniforms will be sold by the Athletic Department.

    Gym clothes may only be worn during the assigned gym class period.

    Students will not attend class, or ride on the school bus to or from school  in P.E. clothing


    Dress Down Days:

    Students may not wear:

    t-shirts with violent, offensive, or illegal images

    midriff shirts, immodest necklines, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, or halter tops

    backless or open-toed shoes

    jeans with holes

    leggings as pants or skirts that do not follow the guidelines of the uniform skirt.


    Students IDs:

    Students must wear the current year’s Patrick F. Taylor student ID daily; replacement IDs can be purchased from Miller Photo. IDs may not be altered or defaced.


    Only clear, see-through or mesh book bags, tote bags, or backpacks are permitted.

    Girls may carry a small purse.

    Athletic bags or items needed for a special event or class must be left with the sponsoring teacher before 1st period and may be picked up after school or upon leaving campus.



    Students must be in compliance with the uniform policy at all times. 1st/2nd Violation: lunch detention

    3rd Violation: after-school detention

    4th Violation: referral/parent conference

    5th Violation:  referral/suspension


    • Pajama pants, sweat pants, yoga pants, fish-net, sheer, or lacy tights/leggings etc. Hooded garments, hats, or caps (includes wool, baseball, and team caps) Hair wraps, excluding those worn for religious purposes.
    • Jean jackets
    • Holes in the clothing
    • Unpatriotic words or pictures on clothing
    • Clothing or accessories depicting any alcohol, drug, or cigarette related items or symbols
    • Clothing or accessories depicting violence
    • Clothing or accessories with suggestive words or pictures
    • Bandannas/handkerchiefs/scarves worn on the body or as headwear

    ***Unapproved Outerwear will be confiscated and held for parent pick-up.***

    Uniform Locations

    Schiro’s School Time LLC

    5008 West Esplanade Avenue, Metairie, Louisiana, 504-885-2993

    Uniforms by Logo Express

    109 Wall Blvd, Gretna, Louisiana,   1-866-665-2864

    Uniforms by Logo Express

    3141 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, Louisiana, 1-866-665-2864

    Johnson’s Uniform, Inc

    619 Westwood Drive, Marrero, Louisiana,  504-340-6061

    Skobel’s School Uniforms

    4500 York St, Metairie, Louisiana, 504-264-7733

    Skobel’s School Uniforms

    7928 LA-23, Belle Chasse, Louisiana,  504-392-2220

    Skobel’s School Uniforms

    1742 Stumpf Blvd, Terrytown, Louisiana, 504-366-6887