• Dress Code/Uniforms

    Taylor’s uniform policy is guided by this motto:
    School colors head-to-toes
    Shirts tucked in
    Spirit shows!

    1. School-issued IDs must be visibly worn on a lanyard or on a clip attached to the collar. Student IDs may not be defaced or altered in any manner. Patrick Taylor lanyards may be purchased from the office. If forgotten or lost, students may purchase a temporary ID in the office for $1.00 or a new ID for $5.00. New ID’s will have to be purchased through Miller Foto.
    2. Students must remain in uniform while on campus. Students are not allowed to change prior to leaving school unless it is for an extracurricular or athletic event. Students who have PE at 4th period must change back into their school uniform before dismissal.
    3. Students should purchase blue or white Taylor shirts available at area uniform shops, Schiro’s School Time LLC (5008 West Esplanade Avenue, Metairie), Uniforms by Logo Express (109 Wall Blvd. Gretna and 3141 Gentilly Blvd. New Orleans), Johnson’s Uniform, Inc (619 Westwood Drive, Marrero), and Skobel’s School Uniforms (Belle Chasse, Terrytown, and Metairie locations). Students may wear plain white, royal blue, black, or grey T-shirts or P.E. shirts only under their uniform shirts.  Undershirt must not be visible at the sleeve or hem-line. A school polo shirt must be worn at all times unless otherwise noted. Seniors may wear their class t-shirts or their PFTSTA button down senior shirt.
    4. Students should purchase light grey uniform pants for boys and girls. They cannot be jean style, with stitching across the knees, cargo, or carpenter pants. Baggy pants, skinny jeans or pants with elastic at the ankles are not allowed. Pants must be neatly hemmed, not rolled up or with slits cut on the sides. All pants must be the correct waist size and worn at the waist with a plain, solid, black, or grey belt.    
    5. Girls may wear neatly fitted uniform skirts at the waist that are no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Skirts cannot be rolled or shortened in any way. Shorts are not allowed to show below the skirt hemline.
    6. For safety purposes it is recommended that tennis shoes are worn by the students. If socks are worn, they must match and be solid black, grey, or white. Students may not wear backless shoes. Shoes must be tied and/or fastened securely and must not exceed ankle height. Boots are not a uniform option.
    7. Students must tuck shirts in neatly inside pants/skirt with the belt or waistband visible.
    8. All uniforms must be properly sized and in good repair.
    9. All winter attire (sweatshirts, windbreakers, and jackets) can be purchased from the previously mentioned uniform shops, the athletic department, or the school office. Students may wear plain black, white, royal blue, or grey sweatshirts, windbreakers, or jackets. Students may not wear hooded garments, jean jackets, or sweatshirts/hoodies with logos or writing.
    10. Students may wear long sleeve shirts under their uniform shirt provided they are solid royal blue, white or grey. No logos or words may be visible on the sleeve or elsewhere.
    11. Solid royal blue, grey, black, or white full length tights may be worn. The tights must reach the ankle. No fishnet, sheer, or lacy material allowed. Sweat pants/joggers/track pants may not be worn (except during P.E.) according to Jefferson Parish policy.
    12. Students must follow these rules on dress-down days (in addition to rules that may be given on special dress-down days):  no capris, no shorts, no t-shirts with violent, offensive, or illegal images, no midriff shirts or immodest necklines, no sleeveless shirts or tank tops, no backless or open-toed shoes, no jeans with holes, no sunglasses, no leggings as pants, no joggers or track pants, and any skirt worn should follow the length guidelines of the uniform skirt.
    13. No hats, hoods, or winter apparel (scarve
    14. s, gloves) can be worn indoors at any time. No hair wraps allowed except those worn for religious purposes.
    15. Students may not have writing on hands or other parts of their body at any time.
    16. 1Per parish policy, a student will not dye or color his/her hair in an extreme hair-color.

    It is also the obligation of the school to enforce the attributes of personal hygiene, neatness, and safety. Therefore, all students must maintain a physical appearance in keeping with stated policy. Students are held accountable for all JPPSS dress code guidelines which are posted at http://jpschools.org.

    Mesh School Bags/Clear Laptop Bag Policy:
    According to JPPSS policy only clear, see-through, or mesh book bags, tote bags, backpacks, or any similar articles are permitted. If you will be using a school issued laptop, a clear laptop bag will be provided by the school.