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  • Update from Paraprofessional, Ms. Yesenia “Yessi” Espinal

    I am so proud of our Grace King Students and parents for being on board with our Google Classrooms. Parents have been very supportive of their children and are finding the means to get them online to finish the school year. I have received calls from parents eager to find out what the next step is to help their students be successful. We have wonderful students, and despite some disadvantages, they are 100% on board to make the best of this crisis we are in . After all, we are all in this together. One family, one team. I am super happy that our ESl students are putting in effort towards their work and are accommodating to the new system. We paras are happy to be of help to our students, teachers and staff. Let’s finish strong! Together we can overcome all.           Love you all, Mrs. Yessi!

    Ms Yesenia Espinal