• Need help logging in to Google Classroom?  


    If you are a Fisher Middle High School student and need help with your Google Classroom login, 

    click the following link:  School Webmaster


    Please include your first and last name, as well as, your student ID for verification purposes. You can find your student ID in JCampus (SIDNO #) on the demographics page. 


    • Google Classroom: Click on this link to go directly to your Google Classroom once logged in to your Google account. 


    • Google Classroom Codes(20-21 Codes will be posted at a later date): click on this link to access Google Classroom Class Codes to join your class.   




    • Students in all grade levels (PK-12) can access our online learning resources through Clever. This is where you will find Edmentum/Plato-Courseware. 

      Use the following information to log in:

      • Clever Login: student ID (usually without the leading zeroes)
      • Password: student ID (usually without the leading zeroes)
      • Login Tip: Your Clever ID is usually the student's lunch number
      • For login support, please email onlinelearning@jpschools.org


    Edmentum/Plato covers 6-12 grade courses that students are enrolled in through JCampus. Students will be able to continue their core courses through this online learning platform. Edmentum/Plato is available through a cell phone, iPad, Chromebooks, or the internet browser on any laptop or desktop computer.

    Student Access on PCs or Chromebooks

    1. Click here to access Clever.
    2. Select the Edmentum/Plato Courseware App.

    Your child will be provided with a Student Orientation when they log into their course that includes a video and content that will walk them through how to engage with the platform and the course curriculum.

    Info about Edmentum/Plato-Courseware

    • The program consists of courses, and each course is broken up into units. Each unit has activities like pretests, tutorials, practice activities, discussion posts, mastery tests, and posttests.
    • Courseware has site-wide security features in place to protect your student's personal information
    • For technical support, please feel free to contact our Courseware Support Team at 800-447-5286 or support@plato.com.

    Tips to Support your child in Courseware

    • Help your child build a schedule
    • Model hard work and persistence
    • Set up a designated workspace
    • Familiarize yourself with the learning platform