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  • What is Young Life?
    Thomas Jefferson Young Life is built on caring adults that step into adolescent culture and build authentic relationships. We invite those kids to follow Jesus Christ, care for them regardless of their response, and change lives in the process.
    Young Life was founded in 1941 and has a presence in thousands of schools across every state in the US and over 100 countries worldwide.  Visit our website to learn more.
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  • Club, Officer Meetings, and Campaigners
    At 7:33pm on Tuesday nights during the school year, over a hundred kids gather in student's homes across the westbank Young Life Club!  Outside of club, smaller groups of students meet often to talk about how they can grow as individuals and care for their school and community. 
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  • Camping
    Young Life camping involves high adventure, lots of fun, great food and excellent speakers who understand and respect high school and middle school kids. During the school year, we have multiple weekend camping opportunities for students. Over the summer, kids are treated to one of Young Life's 24 resort-quality facilities across the country.
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