• Perfect Attendance

    Fall 2019 


    Congratulations to our Grace King employees who had perfect attendance for the Fall 2019 semester

    Gregory Aples Jr., Carroll Carter, Jorge Castaneda, Sherry Dietsch, Khloe Ervin, Gina Farrugia, Charles Greiner, Andrew Hart, Blake Harwell, Tina Herbert,Judy Jenkins, Jeffery Lackey, Michelle Lewis, Michelle Mccabe, Tawanda McPherson-Carter, Nicholas Newsom, Julie Parr, Priya Patel, Bethani Pete, Destiny Ponville, Courtney Rancatore, Stacy Simpson, Shelia Slaughter, Betty Uribe, Jamin Valentine, Denise Westley, Alcides Wolhers, Daisy Woods, and Kai Xing.