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  • Great schools enhance the quality of life for everyone in Jefferson Parish. They create an educated workforce, provide for a stronger economy, increase property values and contribute to safer neighborhoods.

    Jefferson Parish is the largest school district in Louisiana, but trails both the state and nation in teacher pay. We rank 8 out of 9 among the surrounding school districts. Increasing educator pay is one way JP Schools can hire, grow, and keep the best teachers and their families in Jefferson Parish. JP Schools loses 30% of its veteran teachers and 40% of its new teachers each year. We want to change that. The future our kids deserve is dependent on this critical issue.


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  • Jefferson Parish Schools Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley created a strategic plan to enhance our schools and bring our school grade from a C to an A. Competitive and Fair Compensation – The Future of Jefferson Parish Schools is a result of hundreds of meetings over the last year with employees, parents, community members and business leaders. The plan involves a new millage to raise the teacher’s base pay by $3,625 and provide our support staff with a living wage.

    To have great schools, we need to hire, grow, and keep great teachers. A millage to provide for increases in teacher pay in JP Schools will go before Jefferson Parish voters on May 4.

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    Are you part of a group/organization that would benefit from hearing about the upcoming pay raise millage? Please click the photo above to contact us.