• Eastbank - Paul Emenes Building
    822 S. Clearview Parkway
    Elmwood, LA 70123

    504-736-7380 Fax

    Westbank - JPPSS Administration Building
    501 Manhattan Blvd, Suite 1300
    Harvey, LA 70058

    504-349-7898 Fax

What We Do

  • Students new to Jefferson Parish Schools must test for English Proficiency at the English Proficiency Testing Center if a language other than English is spoken in their home. Federal regulations require this process to assure that all students, regardless of language, are provided equal access to education.

    If screening indicates the student needs specialized instruction in English, staff will explain the ESL program to the parents. Parents then have the option to select or decline program participation. Regardless of their choice, staff will assist the parent with registration, explain transportation arrangements, and provide basic information on policies governing all JP Schools students.

    Testing Center Locations and Hours

    Paul Emenes Building
    822 S Clearview Parkway
    Elmwood, LA 70123
    JP Schools Administration Building
    501 Manhattan Blvd, Suite 1300
    Harvey, LA 70058
    Phone: 504.736.7367
    Fax: 504.736.7380
    Phone: 504.365.5363 or 504.365.5364
    Fax: 504.349.7898
    English/Spanish English/Spanish/Arabic/Vietnamese
    Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., or by appointment.

    What to Bring to the Center

    The following original items are needed for registration:

    • Birth certificate or official document with the student’s date of birth
    • State of Louisiana Universal Certificate of Immunization (Shots)
    • Report card and/or transcript from previous school
    • LEAP test results for 5th and 9th grade students who have attended school in Louisiana
    • Two proofs of residence, such as:
      • Utility bill (water, gas or electricity)
      • Driver’s license/state ID or passport
      • Lease agreement
      • Bills of sale with proper address or agreement do purchase
    • Social security card (optional)

    NOTE: If all documentation is not available, parents will register their child in school and have 15 days to provide needed information. The only exception is the State of LA Universal Certificate of Vaccination. This must be provided or the parent must sign an Annual Statement of Exemption/Dissent to Immunization Law form.