• JP Schools Dual Language Program: The gift of bilingualism!

    You may ask yourself why and how this can be done. Our Dual Language program is based on three pillars that have been proven by research to be successful.

    Our goals are:

    • To develop bilingual and bi-literate students

    Today’s workforce has a high demand for competent bilingual and bi-literate professionals. The students will learn to understand, speak, read, and write in both languages.

    • To acquire higher academic achievement

    Research demonstrates that students learning two languages do as well or better than their monolingual peers on high stakes tests. The students develop better problem-solving skills and increased cognitive development.

    • To develop culture competence

    We live in a very diverse and multicultural world making learning about other cultures and languages giving them the opportunity to appreciate and respect one another.

    Schools That Will Have Dual Language in 2024-2025



Parent FAQs

  • What is Dual Language?

  • How will dual language benefit my child?

  • What is a two-way dual language program?

  • What language will my child be instructed in?

  • Will my child fall behind in learning English?

  • Will my child be confused learning in two languages?

  • Can I change my mind once my child begins in dual language?

  • Do I have to know Spanish or English to be able to help my child with homework?

  • Will my child learn the same things that students learn in a monolingual class?

  • What subjects are taught in Spanish? English?

  • What language will my child learn to read first?