Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why am I being evaluated?

    • JP Schools performance evaluations are designed to provide all employees with increased opportunities for professional growth and development.

    How does the evaluation process begin?

    • Support Employees meet with their immediate supervisor, to complete the Beginning of the Year: Goal Setting Form. The form sets the goals, performance indicators and expectations that Support Employees will be evaluated on throughout the school year.

    How often do I get evaluated?

    • Support Employees are not formally evaluated until the end of the school year. During the End of Year Evaluation, each Support Employee will receive a score for each competency, performance indicator and goal.
      • After the completion of the Beginning of the Year: Goal Setting Form, your immediate supervisor may conduct observations and give feedback throughout the school year, leading up to the formal evaluation.

    Who is required to receive an evaluation?

    • All JP Schools employees are evaluated every year.

    Who will evaluate me?

    • Support Employees are evaluated by the Immediate Supervisor, Principal, or his or her designee.

    How will I know if I’m doing a good job?

    • Throughout the evaluation process, communication between you and your immediate supervisor is strongly encouraged. Discussions regarding performance occur between the immediate supervisor and the employee throughout the process. By doing this, you as the employee will have opportunities to refine and enhance your skills.

    What if I do not sign the End of Year Evaluation Form?

    • Your signature on the final evaluation form does not signify that you agree with the evaluation, but rather that you acknowledge receipt of your final evaluation. If you choose not to sign the evaluation, the process will continue without your signature.