• Riverdale Middle School 

    8th Grade Community Project


    Dear 8th grade parents/guardians, 


       Your 8th grade student was introduced to the community project this week in their Social Studies classes. It is a requirement of all 3 year IB schools for 8th graders to complete the community project. Students will work with an advisor (8th grade teacher) to complete the project in stages. Students will work with their advisor, Social Studies teacher. I want to make clear that the community project should not be an overwhelming activity. The entire project should take the student no more than 15 hours. This includes meetings with advisors, planning, and taking action. Students can complete the project by doing one of four types of service:

    • Direct service: the student will have interaction that involves people, the environment or animals. Examples include one-on-one tutoring, developing a garden alongside refugees, or teaching dogs behaviors to prepare them for adoption. (No more than 5 hours of direct service)
    • Indirect service: Although you do not see the recipients during indirect service, you have verified that your actions will benefit the community or environment. Examples include redesigning an organization’s website, writing original picture books to teach a language, or raising fish to restore a stream.
    • Advocacy: the student will speak on behalf of a cause or concern to promote action on an issue of public interest. Examples include initiating an awareness campaign on hunger in the community, performing a play on replacing bullying with respect, or creating a video on sustainable water solutions.
    • Research: the student will collect information through varied sources, analyze data and report on a topic of importance to influence policy or practice. Examples include conducting environmental surveys to influence your school, contributing to a study of animal migration patterns, or compiling the most effective means to reduce litter in public spaces.

    The entire project will be placed in the 8th Grade Google Classroom. Everything will be assigned and turned in electronically. Students can access Google Classroom from any computer, phone, or device with internet. The community project will count as a project grade for the 4th nine weeks in Social Studies. If you have any other questions about the Community Project you can email me at debbiejo.guillot@jpschools.org 

    Thank you, 

    Debbie Jo Guillot (IBO Coordinator)

    Project Timeline and Due Dates

    Investigating         Due Date: October 25th

    • Proposal for Investigation - in Google Classroom

    Planning                Due Date: November 18th

    • Proposal for Action - in Google Classroom

    Taking Action        Dates: November 18th -February 21st

    • Nothing due at this time - student should be working on their actual service

    Reflecting              Due Date: February 21st

    • Google Slides Presentation on Project - in Google Classroom
    • Academic Honesty Form - in Google Classroom
    • Reflection on Project - in Google Classroom
    • Process Journal - in Google Classroom

    Community Project Guide

    Grading Rubric for Project