The Minutes in Minutes: September 4, 2019

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Second Readings

    • There were no second readings.

Consent Agenda Highlights

    • School board approves multiple construction projects to improve and rennovate mulitiple school facilities.

First Readings

  • First Reading authored by Mr. Moïse

    • On October 3, 2018 the Jefferson Parish School Board voted unanimously to accept the plan
      promulgated by the Hill Group as the FACILITIES MASTER PLAN OF ACTION. Our approved plan
      includes detailed recommendations for transforming our educational facilities into a modern,
      relevant and flexible system capable of addressing the needs of our children for decades to come.
      The estimate attached to these recommendations was over $700,000,000.
      The Hill Group plan detailed a shocking underutilization of our facilities. In fact, it found sixteen (16)
      of our schools had utilization rates under 70 percent. With underutilization of capital, operational
      costs are higher than necessary. Before seeking additional tax revenues to fund and execute the
      modernization and new construction recommendations included in the plan, it is prudent that we
      drive out any inefficiencies that currently exist in our portfolio of schools.
      Accordingly, I move the Administration provide this Board with the following information and
      recommendations on the timeline established:
    • By the December Meeting the Board:
      • Information Requested:
        • The student capacity of each school
        • The current student membership of each school
        • Occupancy as a percentage of capacity for each school
        • A listing of land owned by the Board that does not occupy a school
        • A listing of elementary and k-8 school sites without playgrounds for recess
        • A recommendation on whether the District should expand opportunities for Career and
          Technical Education (CTE) at current sites or provide a stand-alone CTE high school as called
          for in the Facilities Master Plan.
    • By the March 2020 Meeting of the Board
      • A “2020 Infrastructure and Efficiency Plan”, informed by the following considerations:
        • School consolidations to optimize occupancy and reduce operational costs
        • Expansion of the PK-8 model
        • Increase Early Childhood Education (ECE) seats where demand exceeds space
        • Expanded opportunities for the aforementioned Career and Technical Education (CTE)
        • Accommodates school choice for parents and encourages healthy competition for students
        • Ensures greater efficiency in transportation costs, eliminating light loads and dead mileage
          as much as possible
        • Addresses the increasing demand for seats in our Academies
        • Any pervasive, urgent issues at any of our campuses