Bullying Prevention


    Statement of Policy

    The Jefferson Parish School Board (“Board”) strictly prohibits bullying and/or harassment, as defined herein. The Board shall take reasonable steps to end bullying/harassment, to prevent its future recurrence and to prevent retaliation against any individual who reports allegations of bullying/harassment or cooperates in the investigation of an alleged violation of this policy. This policy applies to students on school grounds, while traveling to and from school, or a school-sponsored activity, and during school-sponsored events.


    Click here to view the Student Bullying Prevention Video 


    Bullying Prevention  October

    The month of October is Safe School Month. JPS has dedicated the month of October to Bullying Prevention Month.

    • Students in grades 3-12 must receive and acknowledge receipt of one hour of age appropriate Anti-Bullying Training to be completed by October 31, 2020.
    • All school district employees who service students must complete two hours of Bullying Prevention training with employees new to JPS being required to complete four hours of training.
    • All schools with grades 6-12 are required to have a designated area where students can make reports of bullying anonymously.


    The flyer & information sheet, found under "Quick Links," provides additional information and ideas to assist schools with activities for the month of October.

    • Possible Activities:
    • Important Dates:
    • Suggested Resources:


    Important Safe School Dates:

    • October 4-10 – National Fire Prevention Week
    • October 5 -  World Day of Bullying Prevention - Wear Blue
    • October 21 – Unity Day – Wear Orange
    • October 18-23 - Safe School Week
    • October 23-31 – Red Ribbon Week
    • October 31 – Students and Teachers Bully Prevention Training Completion


    Employee Training: Safe Schools

    Bullying: All Employees

    Due October 31, 2020

         Bullying: Recognition & Response (Refresher)

    • Hazing                                   
    • Making Schools Safe & Inclusive for Transgender Students                        
    • School Violence                    
    • Self-Injury & Cutting
    • Playground Supervision


    Bullying: New Employees

    Due December 18, 2020

    Bullying: Recognition & Response (Complete)

    • Cyberbullying