• Google Classroom, Google Meet & CLEVER (Google Classroom, Google Meet e CLEVER)

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • PLEASE NOTE YOU HAVE REACHED EAST JEFFERSON  HIGH SCHOOL. If you are not an East Jefferson High student and need help with Google Classroom, please go here: (TENGA EN CUENTA QUE HA LLEGADO A EAST JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL. Si no es estudiante de East Jefferson High y necesita ayuda con Google Classroom, vaya aquí:)
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    Need help logging in (only if an East Jefferson High School Student)?

    ¿Necesita ayuda para iniciar sesión (si es un estudiante de East Jefferson High School)?

    Google Classroom Username and Password Help/CLEVER Help



  • Google Meet Etiquette



    • Be here now. Participate productively. Be a part of the discussion and the process.

    • Help everyone focus. Minimize distractions and limit multi-tasking.

    • Speak up silently.

    • Utilize the thumbs up, raise hand, and chat box options (or Nod extension)

    • Make sure your microphone stays muted throughout.

    • Show up.

    • Make sure your video function is enabled.

    • Use a microphone when you speak.

    • Make sure everyone can hear you.

    • Make sure the microphone is on and close enough to pick up your voice, no matter what location you are in.

    • Help everyone focus

    • Don't have side conversations.

    • If you aren't talking, mute or turn off your microphone.

    • Avoid noisy activities like typing while your microphone is on.

    • Reduce Distractions

    • Sit or stand somewhere with a neutral background (or use a virtual background).

    • Make sure your camera is on a steady surface to prevent shaking

    • Turn off your camera if you need to take care of business outside of the meeting (ex. someone in-person needs your attention). Turn the camera back on when you are present in the meeting again.