• Student Parking Information


    Driving to school is an exciting right of passage for many of our Thomas Jefferson Jaguars.  However, on campus parking is very limited.  At some point during the first month of school, an announcement will be made for those Seniors interested in purchasing a parking pass to go to the office and see Ms. Terry to pick up the necessary form that must be filled out and signed by their parent/guardian.  Ms Terry will explain the documentation required to apply for a parking pass.   These passes are issued on a first come, first serve basis.  It is very important for students to pay close attention to the announcements so they will know when the application process begins as these forms are not available electronically.  The Seniors are given a short grace period to purchase the parking passes before Ms Terry announces that the Juniors may pick up the application forms.  


    Only Seniors and Juniors will be allowed to drive a vehicle on campus.  Upon review of the required forms, permission to drive and park a car on campus during school hours or school events will be provided upon the discretion of the administration.  After securing permission to drive and park on campus, student drivers will purchase and permanently display a parking permit on the rear view mirror of the car that they drive.  Parking permits are $10 and are valid only during the academic year for which it was purchased. 


    Student drivers should enter on the north side of the school and proceed down the drive around the back of the building and park in their designated spot.  ONCE PARKED, STUDENTS CANNOT STAY IN THEIR CAR UNTIL THE BELL RINGS.  They must exit their vehicle and report to the campus.  Student drivers must also adhere to the following parking regulations:


    1. Driving to school is a privilege, which can be revoked at any time by the administration.  The speed limit on campus is 10 miles per hour.  A student will not park on school premises unless he/she has been issued a parking permit.  Parking permits must be visibly displayed and vehicles must be parked only in assigned spaces.


    2. Students may only park in the back parking lot.  The front parking lot is reserved for faculty, staff, and visitors only.  If a student is late, they must call into the office to request the carpool gate be opened.  Otherwise, they must park off campus.


    3. Students must exit their vehicle immediately after arriving on campus and report to the breezeway. 


    4. All vehicles should be locked.  The parking lot is off limits to students until 2:40 pm, except for the students authorized to leave earlier.  Once a student has left the campus, they are not to return unless they check in at the main office. 


    5. The school is not responsible for any items lost or stolen from your vehicle. 


    6. Profane or inappropriate decals/designs are not permitted on a vehicle that is driven to school by a student.


    7. Any vehicle parked on school property is subject to being searched by school officials.


    8. Violation of any student regulation or parking rules may result in the student's parking privilege being suspended or revoked.


    9. No backing into spaces.


    10. No loud music should be playing while the student is on campus.  Please be courteous to our neighbors.


  • Event Parking


    When events are held on school grounds, please allow extra time for parking as space is limited on campus.  Parking is not allowed in the bus loading circle at the front of the school.  This area is a fire lane and we have buses that pick up/drop off students throughout the school day.  Please do not park in restricted spaces, on the grass, or outside of the designated parking lines.  If you are parking on Gretna Boulevard, please pay attention to the no parking zones around the school.  Gretna Police will ticket vehicles that are not parked correctly.  


    Many find it convenient to park in the Rooms to Go Parking lot and walk over to the school from there.  For some events, the gate to the back parking lot will be opened and you will be permitted to use that lot as well. 


    Any parking on or around campus is at your own risk as Thomas Jefferson High School is not responsible for theft or damage to your vehicle.