• Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) Resources

    Accessible Books in the Classroom
    Print disabilities: What do I do with this student?
    AIM Navigator
    The AIM Navigator consists of a series of guiding questions to assist teams with decision-making about need, selection, acquisition, and use of accessible instructional materials.

    Arts in Education Resources

    Arts Education Resources
    This link will take you to the JP Schools Resource Site for Arts Education. Included will be lessons for arts integration, community resources, related websites, sources for supplies (some free), art contests, and staff development opportunities.

    Assistive Technology Resources

    LA DOE Access Guide
    Extensive information re: access to the curriculum for students with disabilities
    LA DOE Assistive Technology Website
    Extensive information re: Assistive Technology in Louisiana Schools
    Tarheel Reader
    Excellent and enormous collection of stories with Text-to-Speech for significantly disabled students of all ages.
    South River AT Center
    Region 1 Assistive Technology Center eBoard

    Reading Resources
    Excellent and FREE website for teachers of Reading Comprehension.

    • Special Programs Software

    Special Programs Software
    This link will take you to the JPPSS SpEd Resource Site for Special programs software.  Descriptions of each offered software and additional resources acan be found on this page.