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    TJHS Soccer, aside from learning the fundamentals of the sport and playing games, is all about teaching students valuable lessons about teamwork, perseverance, passion, preparation, and much more.  It is the mission of the team to improve the character and capability of every player who walks out on the field.  Also, its a whole lot of fun!

    Jaguar Boys Soccer Roster
    Nolan Franco
    Conner Miles
    Andy Rubio
    Jacob Perez
    Joseph Dinh
    Tulio Moya
    Mengviseth Khuon
    Mitchell Stewart
    Rogelio Estrada
    Chance Edwards
    Liam Champagne
    Braeden Carr
    Kalab Smith
    Cole Harris
    Carlos Varela
    Ioan Yordanov
    Jacob Camp
    Ismael Tabrane
    Holden Gonzales
    Cody Archuleta
    Conner Bustamante
    Brandon Nguyen
    Christian Peterson
    Generald Snowton
    Wilmer Osorio
    Kaden Hanley
    William Tsang
    Jimmy Rubio-Gonzales
    Mohammed Qoran
    Jonah Scott
    Teydenn Vo
    Tristen Medina-Bodden

    Isabelle Bueno
    Lakean Munoz
    Grace Kelly
    Paytin Leo
    Leah Doubleday

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