What We Do

  • The major goal of pupil appraisal personnel is to advocate for children. In partial pursuit of this goal, pupil appraisal personnel assist students and school staff in enhancing the benefits of a general education program whenever possible. If a student is suspected of having a disabling condition or an exceptional talent, pupil appraisal personnel attempt to provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary evaluation that reflects an student’s unique and current strengths and needs. The multi-disciplinary aspect of pupil appraisal is an ongoing effort to provide support and professional resources to students, their families, and school personnel.

    Pupil Appraisal Services consist of three disciplines: educational diagnostician, school psychologist, and school social worker.

    Pupil Appraisal Personnel provides support services to school’s Academic/Behavior Intervention Team (A/BIT), evaluation services, and teacher/staff development to schools to enhance outcomes for students.

    Academic/Behavior Intervention Team (A/BIT) is a general education problem solving committee, chaired by the principal or administrative designee, and staffed with general and special educators, pupil appraisal, and related service personnel. Parents of referred students are also active members. It is not a fast track to special education identification, rather, it should be the engine that drives each school’s activities.

    The purpose is to intercede with students determined to be at risk and provide interventions to remediate academic deficits or behavioral challenges. A three-tiered process, referred to as Response to Intervention (RTI), provides evidenced-based interventions and monitors progress in an effort to maintain the student in the general education setting, and at the same time, improve academic/behavior performance. Pupil Appraisal and related service personnel assist the A/BIT with intervention design, progress monitoring, data review, and decision making regarding the appropriate next steps for a student. Parents are notified each nine weeks of the student’s progress and status in the A/BIT process.