What does success look like?

  • The following sections outline what a successful student, teacher, principal, school board member, and community member look like in Jefferson Parish Schools.

Graduate Profile

  • Knowledgeable

    • Proficient in all standards
    • Successfully completes financial literacy program
    • Demonstrates creativity and innovation in the arts, technology, and sciences
    • Attempts to achieve the highest score possible on the American College Test (ACT) or WorkKeys Assessment

    Persistent Learner

    • Successfully completes Industry-based certification
    • Displays perseverance and commitment in attendance, promptness, and work ethic
    • Participates in job-shadowing and/or college tour activities


    • Effective in written and oral communication
    • Exhibits self-control and self-discipline when communicating with others

    Engaged Citizen

    • Participates in school and community activities
    • Demonstrates compassion to others
    • When eligible, registers to vote
    • Volunteers to make the community a better place
    • Follows school, district and state rules/laws
    • Exhibits integrity

Teacher Profile

  • Implements High-Quality Instruction 

    • Knowledgeable in content and presents content in a meaningful and relevant way
    • Develops strong plans for instruction based on current standards and students’ needs
    • Implements high-quality materials and resources
    • Engages all students with hands-on learning and allows students to own their learning
    • Provides effective questioning and feedback that enhances student learning
    • Caters to different types of learners and differentiates instruction based on individual student needs
    • Regularly uses student work and student data to drive instruction

    Leads the Learning Environment

    • Builds strong relationships with students
    • Has high expectations for all students
    • Fosters a safe, respectful, and caring culture
    • Organizes and manages classroom protocols and procedures to be conducive to learning
    • Motivates students to succeed

    Acts Professionally and Ethically

    • Collaborates well with other teachers and staff
    • Partners with families and other stakeholders to help students succeed
    • Treats everyone with respect
    • Willing to grow professionally and owns his/her learning
    • Reflects on a regular and ongoing basis to ensure relevant and meaningful practices

Principal Profile

  • Instructional Leader

    • Develops and articulates a shared vision for excellence
    • Establishes measurable academic expectations for all students
    • Implements curriculum with fidelity in every classroom
    • Ensures instructional improvements through clusters
    • Provides actionable feedback and follow-up to improve 

    Professional Growth Leader

    • Recruits and recommends the best candidates for employment
    • Models adult learning, continuous improvement, and professionalism
    • Develops staff members
    • Ensures quality (instruction, safety, cleanliness, etc.) throughout the school

    Strategic Manager

    • Facilitates a clear academic strategy for each year
    • Aligns resources to primary goals and initiatives
    • Delegates tasks to distribute leadership
    • Builds culture of consistent feedback for improvement

    Ethical Leader

    • Represents school and district with integrity at all times
    • Treats everyone with respect
    • Adheres to both applicable laws & School Board policy
    • Accepts moral responsibility and acts with urgency for stronger academic outcomes
    • Has high expectations for all students

    Culture Leader

    • Creates a noticeable school culture of academic excellence
    • Fosters meaningful relationships with students and employees
    • Provides both a positive support system and delivery of consequences fairly
    • Supports extra-curricular activities and clubs
    • Embraces parent involvement
    • Addresses the cultural, language, socioeconomic, and learning diversity in the school community

School Board Member Profile

    • Adopts and implements a shared vision of success
    • Understands and adheres to their role
    • Has high expectations for all students
    • Focuses action on student achievement
    • Supports the superintendent to exercise the role of CEO and instructional leader
    • Ensures staff members feel supported to take risks
    • Understands the district’s priorities and goals and how to support them
    • Challenges the community to focus on student outcomes, see the positives, and adequately fund our work

Community Partner Profile

    • Recognizes students need multiple sources of support to succeed in school and in life·
    • Believes in supporting every student’s success
    • Commits and provides time, resources, and services to schools and students
    • Builds meaningful and ongoing relationships with students, families, and staff
    • Communicates regularly with school’s staff regarding student outcomes, goals, and any unexpected issues.
    • Champions the work of students, families, and staff

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