What We Do

  • Jefferson Parish Schools Department of Special Programs provides Hospital/Homebound services to all Jefferson Parish students in grades K-12, who meet the eligibility criteria of the Hospital/Homebound program. Instruction will continue while a student is at home or hospitalized within the boundaries of the Jefferson Parish Schools because of medical, physical, and/or emotional problems.

    Hospital/Homebound service provides instruction in core required subjects for grades K-12. The classroom teacher is responsible for providing the Homebound teacher a list of curriculum content that should be covered, including coursework, outlines, textbooks, and any other materials necessary to support the student’s instructional program. When possible, students will be enrolled in online instruction, and these materials will be used as supplemental resources. The Homebound teacher will provide completed coursework to the classroom teacher for all subjects taught outside of his/her area of certification for the classroom teacher to review and determine the student’s nine week grade(s). Homebound teachers will provide grades in their area(s) of certification.

    The JP School must appoint a designee who will be responsible for notifying the Hospital/Homebound Department via a Hospital/Homebound School Referral Form HH1 (2 pages). The school designee must also provide a current copy of the Application for Hospital/Homebound Form (HH2 or HH3) to the family upon knowledge of a student’s request for Hospital/Homebound services. Students will not receive Hospital/Homebound services until all paperwork has been submitted by fax to the Hospital/Homebound office at (504) 484-8191.

    In order to qualify for Hospital/Homebound services, the following criteria must be met:

    1. The student must live or be hospitalized withing the boundaries of the Jefferson Parish Schools.
    2. The student must be free from communicable disease.
    3. The student must be registered in a public school.
    4. The anticipated length of the student’s absence must be four weeks or more.
    5. Medical documentation regarding the student’s medical and/or emotional diagnosis, and anticipated length of time the student will be unable to attend school must be provided to, and approved by, the Hospital/ Homebound Department. The application form must be completed by a medical doctor (Form HH2) or a licensed psychiatrist/ psychologist (Form HH3). (Forms and Documents ).
  • Regulations for the Hospital/Homebound Program

  • Responsibilities of the Parent

  • Responsibilities of the Referring School

  • Responsibilities of the Classroom Teacher

  • Responsibilities of the Hospital/Homebound Teacher