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  • Students of the Jefferson Parish School District who are unable to attend school because of physical disability may be assigned a properly certified teacher who will instruct them at home or in a hospital. In order for a student to be considered for Hospital/Homebound (H/H) instruction, the student, as a result of health care treatment, physical illness, accident, or the treatment thereof, must be temporarily unable to attend school for the provision of regular educational services. Such incapacitation shall require verification on the application by a physician. The H/H instruction program is a continuation of the regular school instructional program, designed to help the child return to school without falling too far behind in assigned work. The student shall be under the same state and local regulations as any other student. A responsible adult must be present where instruction is provided.

    In order to qualify for Hospital/Homebound services, the following criteria must be met:

    1. The student must be registered in a public school and live or be hospitalized within the boundaries of the Jefferson Parish Schools.
    2. The student must be free from infectious or communicable disease.
    3. An application for H/H services must be completed by a parent/guardian and the treating licensed medical provider (HH2A & 2B)for a qualifying physical illness or injury, or the parent and the treating licensed psychiatrist/psychologist (HH3A & 3B) for a qualifying psychological or emotional illness.  
    4. The application must be approved by the Jefferson Parish Schools Hospital/Homebound Department.
  • Regulations for the Hospital/Homebound Program

  • Responsibilities of the Parent

  • Responsibilities of the Referring School

  • Responsibilities of the Classroom Teacher

  • Responsibilities of the Hospital/Homebound Teacher