What We Do

  • The Workers’ Compensation & Medical Leave team assists employees with processing medical leaves and worker’s compensation claims. The team also collects all student accident reports.

    The Workers’ Compensation and Medical Leave team serves the district by:

    • Managing all workers’ compensation claims for district employees
    • Calculating and processing all workers’ compensation leaves for injured employees
    • Placing injured workers back to work in a timely manner after they have recovered from an injury on the job
    • Collecting all Student/Visitor Accident/Incident Report forms from every school and department
    • Collecting, evaluating, and processing the appropriate medical leave for the appropriate time frame, as well as notifying the employee, his/her supervisor, payroll, and any other key personnel of the leave information
    • Reinstating all employees returning from leave and notifying Payroll and other key personnel of the employee’s return to work to ensure timely payments
    • Determining which leave applications require additional medical information and setting up appointments with a doctor chosen by the district to perform an examination of the employee and render a second medical opinion
    • Tracking Family Medical Leave Act benefit usage on all employees using this benefit