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  • Nursing - Geriatric

    In the U.S., we are projected to experience a shortage of primary care physicians and nurses that will only be compounded by the aging Baby Boomer generation. And this wave of senior retirees will require specialized care – something that adult-gerontology nurse practitioners (AGNP) are well-equipped to provide. With the increased need for these geriatric medical professionals, it’s no wonder that the nurse practitioner field is expected to grow by 31% in the next decade.In order to meet this demand, my team at put together a guide that breaks down what becoming an AGNP entails. Scholarship opportunities, certification information, and a directory of gerontology master’s programs are included. We focus on online degree options that offer greater flexibility for nurses already working in the field:Becoming an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AGNP): also created a resource for nurses in Louisiana specifically. It includes state-specific licensure requirements and career outlook information:

    Baby Boomers are simultaneously retiring from their jobs and requiring greater medical attention. We need AGNPs to fill these job vacancies and address the needs of the growing population of seniors.