• Riviere Readers Program Information

    This awesome program was created in 2017 to help every one of our students create or fill a home library. Over the course of its inaugural year, we were able to allow every single student to select 6 books to keep. Students that were enrolled in summer programs and that attended summer camp got to choose even more to bring home. All totaled, we gave out about 4,000 books!

    In the 2018-2019 school year, we gave a brand-new book for each child whose parent/ guardian attended Open House, as well as 14 more books throughout the year!  In May of 2019, we hit our lifetime total of 20 books per child! A celebration was held to thank our largest donors. Below is a short video of Riviere honoring these special guests. 

    Though the 2019-2020 school year was sadly cut short, our families who attended Open House picked a new book for each child in their home, and students were each able to choose 6 books during the first rounds of giveaways in school. We were also able to send each child home with at least 2 books on March 13th, the last day we saw our precious kids in-person due to COVID-19, as well as tuck some books into the materials the kids picked up before summer. 

    So far in 2020-2021, we gave each child a book to keep on the first day of school, even if they are attending virtually. We aren't certain what the rest of this year will hold in terms of kids being able to select their own titles from our collection, but we are committed to giving our students more books for their home library. 

    Why do we give our students books to keep?

    We provide many opportunities for our students to read throughout the school day, including classroom library and school library check out policies. But, additionally, research shows that having a large home library and being immersed in books is a fantastic way to increase educational success for all learners. Beyond that, the staff at Riviere is happy to see our students happy about reading!

    Here are some of the articles that explain the positive effects of a large home library: House Full of Books, Long Term Benefits, Access to Books, and Why Books?

    How does it work?

    We collect donations of used or new books at any time of the year. A staff member will label the books with a academic school year and themed sticker as a reminder for years to come. The books are sorted into picture books, chapter books, and board books, as well as into different grade bands. About once a month, we spread out the books on hand and allow the students to “shop” (for free!) and select any one book he or she would like to add to his or her home library. It is as exciting for the adults on campus as for the children!

    How can you help?

    Since our goal is for our families to continuously build their home libraries, we do not solicit donations from them. We do not want our families to get these books and then turn around and deplete their new libraries! However, if you are in a position to trim your collection, we accept donations of used books (from toddler to middle grades) in the office at any time the school building is open. You can also email Mrs. Landry (lauren.landry@jpschools.org) to coordinate a pick up of your donated books. If you aren’t in a position to donate books, you can still help by getting the word out. Sharing an effort like this on social media or in person goes a long way towards its continued success.

    We send heartfelt thanks to every individual and organization that has given even one book that we can put into the hands of a child!

    Little Free Library Information

    If you are new to Little Free Libraries, the idea is to freely share books. Anyone can take a book (or two or three) for free! You are welcome to keep the book, pass it on to someone else, or bring it back, or even to add your own favorites to the library for others to share. Want to learn more about Little Free Libraries? See the official site here. We estimate around 350 books have been enjoyed from our library through October 2020, and we couldn't be prouder to share books with the community!

    We invite students, families, and community members to utilize our Little Free Library. It is located outside of the front entrance of the school, and is accessible at all times! It is in a covered area with benches around it, so feel free to stay a while and read!