Dandridge Community Task Force

  • In July 2008, JP Schools began operating schools consistent with the terms of the Dandridge Court Order (“Court Order”) to make sure all students received an equitable education. The school board created policy consistent with the expectations outlined in the Court Order, and the Compliance Office mirrored the same actions by aligning its operating procedures with the policy and Order.

    Currently, JP Schools is under a Final Settlement Agreement (click here) because the Court recognized that JP Schools was operating seamlessly as one system, and granted the district unitary status in many areas. The areas not meeting unitary criteria are identified in the Agreement.

    The Dandridge Task Force serves as a liaison between the community and JPPSS through the Compliance Office. The Task Force holds community meetings to address concerns and answer questions from our stakeholders, and to report the status of the Agreement and its implementation.

    JP Schools understands the commitment, levels of accountability and responsibilities associated with successfully serving all of our students without court supervision. Our commitment to academic excellence ensures that all of our students are receiving the world class education that they deserve.