Helen Cox High School Dress Code Policy

  • Shirts:
    Shirts MUST be grey, short or long-sleeved polo or oxford-style with the school name and logo for Freshmen.  Shirts MUST be red, short or long-sleeved polo or oxford-style with the school name and logo for upperclassmen. Girls have the option of wearing wear white oxford-style shirts. Seniors have the option of wearing black uniform shirts. Seniors may have their first initial and last name embroidered on their shirts. Shirts other than Helen Cox uniform shirts may not be worn at any time. (Exceptions must be approved by the principal.) Shirts must be worn tucked in at the waist so that the belt or waistband is visible. NO ALTERING OF THE UNIFORM IS ALLOWED.

    Girls must wear red plaid pants #70. Boys must wear black flat front and cell phone pocket pants (DICKIES 85283 or 874). Pants are to be worn at the waist, belted and fit the waist snugly. Gray or charcoal colored pants ARE NOT acceptable. Loose fitting pants, baggy pants, skin tight pants, stretch pants, cargo pants, leggings, jeans or corduroy pants and/or those worn low on the hips will not be tolerated. Oversized pants will be adjusted with plastic strip ties in the back for the day. Pants must be hemmed and splits are not allowed. Girls cannot wear skintight pants. In addition, pants that do not fit the waist prohibit the student from following the dress code. Because such violations are not an accidental violation of the dress code policy but rather a deliberate attempt to circumvent the dress code; they will not be treated as uniform violations but rather as defiance of school rules. Therefore, students whose pants do not fit the waist will be sent home until new pants are purchased or the existing pants are altered to fit properly.


    As our district policy states, students are not allowed to wear a hat, cap, or hooded garment to school. Students may wear only Helen Cox or plain jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt that BUTTONS OR ZIPS THE LENGTH OF THE GARMENT IN FRONT. Any garment worn by pulling over the head must display the school logo. No vests or blouses can be worn over the uniform shirt. Short sleeve or short midriff jackets are not allowed. 

    Students will be checked upon arrival for approved uniforms. Hoodies, unauthorized pullovers, hats, bandannas and head-scarves will be confiscated. Confiscated items can be retrieved every Thursday in the discipline office between 2:40-3:30 p.m.

    Skirts are NOT allowed.

    Belts may be plain, solid tan, black, red, white or brown (no names, nicknames, or logos) and must be able to fit through the belt loops.

    Shoes must be closed in with low heels (safety on stairs). Backless shoes, slippers, sandals, flip flops or mesh-type shoes are not allowed. All shoes must be worn in the manner in which they were designed to be worn. This means that shoes with laces are laced up entirely and tied. Shoes with straps, buckles etc. are to be fastened securely at all times. Heels higher than 2 inches are not allowed.

    Socks must be worn.

    Undershirts may be red, white, or black, short or long-sleeved.

    Fridays Only:
    Students may wear Helen Cox club, team or class t-shirts (tucked in) with uniform pants. No altering of the shirts is allowed.

     Earrings larger than the size of a quarter are not allowed.


    1st offense – Reprimand

    2nd offense – Detention

    3rd offense – PC/UPR

    4th offense – Suspension

    Additional Dress Code Rules:
    NO hoods, hats, caps, wraps or scarves may be worn in the building.
    NO nose rings, or any body piercing jewelery except that which is worn in the ears.
    NO sunglasses indoors.
    NO holes, rips, or cuts in clothing.
    All clothes must be hemmed.
    NO hair rollers, combs, picks, or chop sticks in hair.
    NO unpatriotic words or pictures on clothing.
    NO clothing depicting any type of off-campus fraternities, sororities, or any other group designs, insignia, or symbols not approved by the school.
    NO clothing or jewelry depicting any alcohol, drug or cigarette related items or symbols.
    NO clothing, jewelry, etc. with suggestive words or pictures or anything else that can be considered disruptive to the learning process as determined by the administration.
    NO political related clothing.
    NO type of jewelry or apparel with studs or spikes.
    NO excessively large earrings (Quarter size) or finger rings.
    NO shorts, mini skirts, rags, tube tops, halter tops, tank tops or spaghetti straps.