Board Policies

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A AA School District Legal Status
A AB School Board Legal Status
A ABA Authority
A ABB Powers and Responsibilities
A ABC Board Members Legal Status
A ABCA Number of Members
A ABCB Qualifications of School Board Members
A ABCC Term of Office 9-Dec
A ABCDA Unexpired Term Fulfillment 13-Aug
A ABCE Resignation
A ABCF Removal from Office
A ABD School Board Liability
A ABE School Superintendent Legal Status
A AC School District Organization
A AD School Attendance Areas
A ADA School Census 11-Mar
A AE School Year 13-Aug
A AEA School Calendar
B I Purpose 18-Aug
B II Officers 18-Aug
B III Duties of Board Members 18-Aug
B IV Prohibitions 18-Aug
B V Compensation and Expenses 18-Aug
B VI Travel 18-Aug
B VII Continuing Education 18-Aug