• At Emmett Gilbert, our students engage in an exploratory program.  In the exploratory program, students are exposed to many different areas of study beyond the core academic subjects:

    • Sign Language
    • STEM
    • Technology
    • Creative Writing
    • Debate
    • Music Appreciation

    Exploratory program allows students to investigate a variety of courses to determine what interests them for future study. Students can explore courses that they may want to specialize in before they get to high school.  It allows students to engage in hands-on activities and learning experiences that go beyond the core subjects of English, math, social studies, and science. Since middle school students are often full of energy and need a variety of learning experiences, the exploratory program gives them the opportunity to move around and learn in a different way.  In addition, the program allows students to try new subjects for a shorter period of time to account for changes in development, attitudes, and preferences. Middle school students are changing rapidly during this time in their lives, and that means their interests and plans change as well. By changing courses often, students get the opportunity to explore many different areas that might interest them.  Lastly, the exploratory program allows students to explore areas that may provide for future career options, basic life skills, and activities they may participate in for fun as adults.