Uniform Policy



    **Only items that are listed below may be worn at school.**

    Uniforms may be purchased at:

    Uniformity School Uniforms

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    All students will be issued a school ID to be used for field trips and special school activities.  If an ID is lost or damaged, the replacement cost is $5.00.



        1st – 5th grades

    Hunter green golf shirt or t-shirt with school logo.  The uniform shirt must be visible.  A solid color t-shirt may be worn under the uniform shirt.

       Pre-K & Kindergarten

    All JPPSS Pre-K and kindergarten students must wear a purple golf shirt or T-shirt with the JPPSS and school logo.  This is the only uniform shirt that is accepted.

    Navy blue pants/ walking shorts

    Navy blue skirts/skorts/jumpers

    Uniform pants/shorts only.

    Pants must be hemmed and worn at the waist.  Cuffs must be ankle-length.

    Shorts/skorts/skirts must be mid-thigh or longer.


    Brown, navy, or black.  No large belt buckles.


    School uniform shirt must be worn underneath.

    Sweaters/jackets/coats must be unzipped and/or removed while in classrooms.


    White socks only may be worn to school.

    Sneakers are highly recommended.  Sneakers may be any color, lace-up or Velcro.

    Students need shoes that allows them to participate safely in daily P.E. activities.

    Shoes must cover the entire foot (toes and heels) and must not present a safety hazard.

    Boots may not be worn at school.

     Cold Weather Accessories

       Hats, hoods, gloves, scarves must be removed while in the buildings.

    Solid color leggings or tights may be worn under the uniform.



    • Jeans (except for dress down days), skinny pants, stretch or knit pants
    • Pants with holes or rips
    • Any shoe that presents a safety hazard including: boots, sandals, slippers, flip-flops, clogs, platform, high heels, soft-sole, open toe or open back shoes, tennis shoes with wheels.
    • No boots of any kind for all students.
    • No dangling or large jewelry, including medallions and large pendants.
    • Earrings are not allowed for boys.
    • Hats, visors, bandannas, sunglasses
    • Any item that causes a distraction, suggests drugs or violence, or presents a safety/health hazard.

    Dress Down Days – The JPPSS Dress Code Policy must be followed for all dress down clothes (See JPPSS Procedures and Policies for Parents and Students).

    Uniform Violations

    Students who habitually violate the uniform policy will be subject to the following disciplinary actions including:

    Phone call to parent for appropriate uniform

    Uniform violation report

    Parent conference