Uniform Policy

  • Dress Code

    List below is the dress code policy for Westbank Community School students.

    Students must wear:

    1. Uniform shirt (royal blue) for 8th grade and all white for 6th and 7th grade and must be tucked in at all times.

    2. Navy blue dickies uniform pants (no cuffs, cut or split up the side); size must fit snugly at the waist, pants must be hemmed at the correct length.

    3. Pants must have belt loops and belt must be worn through loops (no elasticized waist bands).

    4. Belt must be buckled and worn everyday. No over sized belt buckles (no bigger than 2×2).

    5. Student must have black, white or brown lace up tennis shoe (no slide on shoes, slippers, open toe shoes or boots).

    6. Jackets and coats must unzip or button completely. No hoods.

    Students may not wear:

    1. Cargo pants or capris

    2. Jeans, bell bottoms or hiphuggers pants / skirt

    3. Excessively tight fitting / revealing clothing.

    4. Sandals, slippers, and clogs

    5. Shorts or skirts

    6. Any other outer clothing that does not zip or button completely to the bottom. No hoods on jackets or sweaters.

    7. Over sized jewelry of any sort including heavy chains or medallions

    10. Boys may not wear earrings

    11. Girls may only wear stud earrings. No body piercings allowed (except earrings for girls only)

    12. Girls may not wear large hoop earrings (smaller than an index finger) nor dangling earrings

    13. No expensive jewelry or large amounts of cash

    14. Bandannas, sweatbands, sunglasses, hats, visors, or caps

    15. No jewelry, clothing, shoes or accessories that depict drugs, alcohol, violence, weapons, gang symbols, sex, death, or other inappropriate subjects. (Wrist watches permitted)

    16. No skull and cross bones themed clothing, belts, shoes, jewelry or accessories

    Book Bags, Tote Sacks, or Back Packs

    – No book bags are allowed on school campus
    – Purses or handbags may not be used as book bag
    – Purses must be smaller than a 81/2″ x 11″ inch piece of paper.
    – No book bag style purses; no large handbags
    – All personal belongings must be kept with the student (personal items may not be left in a teachers’s room during lunch or at any other time)

    Disciplinary action will result if a student fails to conform to the above rules and regulations.