Uniform Policy

  • Approved Retailers:

    SKOBEL’S (formerly J&L Uniforms)


    The Student Dress Code has been established to maintain a school climate that is conducive to learning, to limit distractions to the learning process, and to make the campus as safe as possible.


    • ID’s must be worn on a lanyard around the neck or a clip and be visible at all times


    • ONLY tennis shoes with closed toes and backs may be worn
    • Socks must be worn


    • ONLY light gray Dickie-style pants with regulation pockets may be worn
    • Pants must not be excessively baggy and must be fitted at the waist.
    • Pants must be free from holes.
    • Pants must be hemmed with no frayed edges or side slits.
    • Pictures, stripes, or writing other than the brand name are not permitted.
    • Pants must be straight-legged. No carpenter’s or cargo pants or cell phone pockets.
    • Jeans, Capri or cropped pants, sweatpants and warm up pants are not permitted.


    • A belt must be worn at ALL times.
    • Hats or caps including wool caps, baseball caps, skull caps, team caps, scarves or head wraps, unless approved by the office are not permitted in the building.
    • Buckles must be no larger than 2” x 2” and cannot have brand names or personalized buckles.
    • Book bags must be “see through” mesh bags only.
    • Purses cannot be larger than 8” x 12”.


    • Freshmen must wear a gray polo uniform shirt with the West Jefferson High School logo.
    • Sophomores, and Juniors must wear a red polo or oxford uniform shirt with the West Jefferson High School logo
    • Seniors may wear the white oxford cloth shirt with the West Jefferson High School senior class logo or the red polo uniform shirt with the West Jeff logo.
    • Shirts must be tucked in at all times
    • Collars are to be in the down position.
    •  On Fridays ONLY, club, class or in-season team shirts may be worn.


    • ONLY sweaters, jackets, and pull over sweatshirts with the school-approved West Jefferson logo will be permitted.
    • These items can be purchased at West Jefferson High School’s BUC SHOP or at approved local uniform retailers.
    • West Jefferson club and team sweatshirts and windbreakers are permitted.

    NOTE: All non-approved outerwear will be confiscated!! (This policy will go back into effect Monday, February 5, 2018)


    • No hoop or dangling earrings larger than the size of a quarter
    • No sunglasses indoors
    • No hair rollers
    • No wallet chains
    • No hair picks or combs in the hair
    • Chains around the neck must be worn inside the shirt
    • No deodorant or Aerosol cans on campus
    • No blankets or pillows
    • No excessive makeup
    • No electronic devices or cell phones are allowed on campus
    • No Public Displays of Affection are allowed on campus. Hugging or kissing is not allowed.

    DRESS CODE FOR SCHOOL DANCES (See official JPPSS revised Dress Code Policy)

    Attendance at all dances is at the discretion of the administrators in charge. Violations of dance policies will result in forfeiture of ticket and future attendance privileges. Ticket money will not be refunded in these situations.

    Formal Dances: Winter Formal and Prom

    Gentlemen’s Attire:

    • Suits or tuxedos may be worn to the winter formal
    • Only tuxedos may be worn to the prom
    • Dress shoes are expected. Tennis shoes or slippers will not be permitted
    • Baseball Caps are not permitted.

    Ladies Attire:

    • Dresses that reach the ankle or floor
    • Dresses must not reveal the bosom, midriff, or back lower than the bra line, and must not be skin tight.
    • Dress shoes are expected. Tennis shoes or slippers will not be permitted.

    Semi-Formal Dances: Homecoming and Sweetheart

    Gentlemen’s Attire:

    • Suit or dress slacks with dress shirt and tie
    • Optional: vest, sweater, and jacket
    • Dress shoes are expected. Tennis shoes or slippers will not be permitted.

    Ladies Attire:

    • Knee-length dresses, pantsuits, or loose-fitting blouses and knee-lengthskirts or loose-fitting pants
    • Dress shoes are expected. Tennis shoes or slippers will not be permitted.

    Students will not be permitted to wear casual pants or jeans, pants with large pockets, sporty golf-polo shirts, and athletic shoes. In addition, students may not wear the following to any dance: baseball caps, dresses that are sheer, dresses that reveal belly button, cleavage, or cut below middle of back. NO tight fitting clothing and excessively high cut slits in skirts or dresses.

    Gym or Outdoor Dances

    Casual clothing, pants, jeans, athletic shoes, sandals, t-shirts, or polo shirts will be allowed. Shorts, mini skirts, rags, caps, hats, tube tops, halter tops, or tank tops will not be permitted.