West Jefferson Policies & Procedures

  • Cell Phone/Electronics Policy



    If a student is caught using his/her cell phone in class (without permission), the teacher will issue a warning.  If the student is non-compliant or complies initially, and is observed using the device again within the class period, the teacher will contact Student Services to have the student removed.

    If a student is removed from class, and relinquishes the phone to an administrator, they will receive an Administrative After-School Detention. 

    If a student refuses to turn in the cell phone to administration, the parent will be notified and a Two day In-School Suspension will go into effect.

    Students, please note that if someone else’s phone is in YOUR possession, you will receive consequences (see below) as if it were your phone.

    Electronic devices (including ear buds and headphones) are subject to confiscation by an administrator for violating any of the rules listed above.

    The West Jefferson High School Cellphone Policy is subject to change at any point at the discretion of the principal.


    • Confiscation (if student turns in the phone to an administrator that initially requested)
    • Administrative After School Detention (if student is non-compliant with teacher requests, but turns in the phone to administration)
    • Two Day In-School Suspension (Refusal to allow the cell phone to be confiscated and held until the appropriate Monday after school.)



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