Uniform Policy

  • Dress Policy…

    In addition to the JPPSS Procedures and Policies for Parents and Students Dress Policy, the following dress policies are in place at Terrytown Elementary:

    Regular School Uniform…

    • The official school uniform shirt must be worn. The shirt is a light blue polo shirt with the Terrytown logo. Pre-Kindergarten students wear a purple polo shirt with the Terrytown logo. Blouses are not permitted.
    • Students may wear navy shirts, pants, or skorts. Shorts and skorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
    • Only plain navy, black, white, or gray leggins can be worn under skorts.
    • Only hoodless Terrytown sweatshirts or plain navy blue hoodless sweatshirts or sweaters are permitted. All jackets must be taken off when entering the building.
    • All clothes must fit the student and be free of all holes and tears.
    • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
    • Belts must be worn with looped pants or shorts.
    • Tennis shoes are the only shoes allowed. Boots, slippers, slide on shoes or heelies are not permitted.
    • Students must wear appropriate undergarments.
    • False/Fake fingernails are not permitted for safety reasons.
    • Temporary or permanent tattoos are not permitted.
    • Boys may not wear earrings. Girls may not wear hoops, hanging or multiple-type earrings or jewelry. Body piercing is also not allowed.
    • All necklaces must be tucked in underneath a student’s shirt.
    • Haircuts should not impair sight nor be drastic in style.
    • Hair color spraying, bleaching, or dyeing is not allowed. Colored hair extensions are also not permitted.
    • Students may not have designs or shapes in their hair.
    • Students may not wear hats, bandanas, hair rollers, or sunglasses.

    Uniforms may be purchased at J&L Uniforms and Apparel at 1742 Stumph Blvd. Terrytown, Louisiana 70056. They can be reached by phone at (504) 366 – 6887.

    Dress Down Days…

    On dress down days, students are permitted to wear appropriate clothing of their choice as long as it meets the following criteria:

    • All clothes must fit, be free of holes and tears, and cover shoulders and mid-drift.
    • Wording on shirts is appropriate for school and does not contain any negative or inappropriate language.
    • Shorts, skirts, or skorts are no less than 2 inches above the knee.

    Consequences for Violation of Dress Policy…

    Consequences for violating the Dress Policy can be found in the Terrytown Student Handbook.