Uniform Policy

  • At Riverdale Middle School, uniforms are mandatory.

    The uniform can be purchased from designated uniform suppliers. No variation to the school uniform dress code is acceptable.

    Sweatshirts and PE Uniforms are available to be purchased at school.

    The sweatshirts can be purchased for $20.

    The PE uniforms can be purchased for $30

    The specifics of our school uniform are:

    School Uniform:


    Short sleeve polo-type knit shirts in either solid red or solid white with the school name and Paw Print or IB logo.  Shirts must be worn tucked in at the waist so the belt or waistband of the pants/skirt is visible at all times.  Only solid white, black, or red shirts are allowed to be worn under the uniform shirt.


    Pants must be khaki uniform pants.  Pants must be worn at the waist, belted, and must fit the waist snugly.  Pants should fit appropriately; No tight fitting pants, No loose fitting pants, No   leggings.

    Plaid skirts for girls:

    Skirts must be purchased from one of the uniform suppliers.  Skirts must be worn at approximately the knee length.

    Skirts must be hemmed at knee length.  A skirt’s waistband must be visible at all times around the entire waist and cannot be rolled.


    Belts must be solid khaki, brown, black, white or red. The length of the belt must be tucked into the belt loops and must be visible at all times.

    Belt Buckles: Belt buckles must be plain. There can be no ornamentation, logos, initials, names, words, etchings or engraving, pictures, buckles that light up, etc.


    SOCKS MUST BE WORN WITH ALL SHOES.  Socks may not have stripes, emblems, or pictures.


    ONLY TENNIS SHOES MUST BE WORN. Shoes with laces must be entirely laced and properly tied.


    Riverdale IBO cardigan sweaters are available for purchase from Kajan Uniforms. 

    Riverdale sweatshirts are only available for purchase at school for a cost of $20.

    Students not wearing a RMS sweatshirt will be permitted to wear any SOLID black, red, white, or grey HOODLESS, sweatshirt or jacket over their uniform.  No other colored pullover, zip-up, or sweatshirt is acceptable.  Sweatshirts cannot be substituted for the polo shirt. 


    Students are sent to the gym when the temperature gets below 50 degrees

    Wearing an article that does not comply with our uniform policy may result in a student being sent to the Intervention room until someone can bring the correct uniform.

    Additional School Rules

    • Hoods, hats, caps, bandanas, sweatbands, rags, wash cloths, towels, wrist bands, etc. are not allowed at any time. If brought on campus these items will be confiscated and a parent will have to retrieve the item(s).
    • The headbands cannot have any type of animal ears on them.
    • Student’s hair must be cleaned and combed.
    • No stripes or other outrageous styles that bring attention or cause disruption such as MOHAWKS AND SCULPTED DESIGNS. NO CUTS IN EYEBROWS ALLOWED.
    • All hair coloring must be naturally occurring (colors not allowed but not limited to burgundy, maroon, blue, grey, green, pink, etc.)
    • No nose rings, or any body piercing jewelry except earrings worn in the ears
    • No sunglasses
    • No open drinking containers are allowed on school grounds. Unopened drinks may be brought for lunch, but they must be consumed during lunch
    • No holes, rips or cuts in clothing.
    • No hair rollers, combs, picks, or chop sticks are to be worn in the hair.
    • No rat-tail combs or metal picks on campus
    • No camouflage apparel or accessories
    • No unpatriotic words or pictures on clothing.
    • Students are not allowed to write or draw on any article of clothing
    • No PE uniforms worn except during PE classes
    • No clothing, jewelry, or written material depicting any type of off campus fraternities, sororities, or any other group designs, insignia, or symbols not approved by the school
    • No clothing, jewelry, or written material depicting any alcohol, drug, or cigarette related items or symbols, or violence (such as but not limited to skulls, guns, etc.)
    • No clothing, jewelry, etc. with suggestive words or pictures or anything else that can be considered disruptive to the learning process as determined by the administration
    • No politically related clothing (this includes items for past politicians, buttons, etc.)
    • No chains are allowed, except those which are specifically designed and sold as jewelry to be worn around the writs or neck.
    • No type of jewelry/apparel with studs/spikes
    • No excessively large earrings or finger rings or rings covering more than one finger.
    • Earrings which are round in shape may not be larger than a quarter ($0.25). Earrings which hang or dangle may not hang or dangle lower than a quarter ($0.25) below the earlobe

    Note:  The administration may prohibit any item or activity deemed disruptive to the school environment or dangerous to any student or staff member.  The item or activity may subject the student to disciplinary action.