Uniform Policy



    The student dress code has been established to teach students the importance of grooming and hygiene, to instill discipline, to prevent violence and disruption in the educational environment, to avoid safety hazards, and to teach students respect for themselves and others.

    • Each student will have good personal hygiene, including but not limited to having clean, combed hair, clean teeth, a clean body, and clean clothing.
    • A student will show, through his/her actions, personal hygiene, and physical appearance, respect for himself/herself and others.
    • A student will dress appropriately for school, extracurricular, and co-curricular activities.
    • A student’s clothing, jewelry, accessories, personal hygiene, and manner of grooming:
      • will not present a physical safety hazard or create a health hazard to either the student or others;
      • will not cause or have the potential to cause, disruption to or interfere with the orderly operation of the school, school activities, and/or educational objectives;
      • will not identify, symbolize or infer gang membership or affiliation through writing, marks, drawings, paintings, photographs, designs, emblems, tattoos or any other means;
      • will not depict violence, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or obscene subject matter through writing, drawings, paintings, photographs, designs, emblems, tattoos or any means; and
      • will not be designed to encourage actions or activities that present a disruption or distraction.
      • Shirts must be tucked inside the pants.
      • Students may only wear one collared shirt at one time. Undershirts can be any solid color with no writing.
      • Pants must fit properly and not be rolled up.
      • Pants may not be baggy, sagging, oversized or below the waist.
      • They should not be torn, ripped, or have holes. There should be no writing on pants. 

    All students are required to wear the L. H. Marrero Middle School uniform.

    Uniform Top(s)

    • 8th Grade - Heather Gray polo style shirt with school logo
    • 7th Grade- Light Blue polo style shirt with school logo
    • 6th Grade - Royal Blue Blue polo style shirt with school logo 
    • Star Academy- White polo style shirt with school logo

    Uniform Bottom(s)

    • Navy blue, straight-legged Dickie-style uniform pants. No cargo pockets. The approved plaid pants may be worn rather than the solid navy Dickie pants. Pants must fit properly at the waist, and must not be worn more than two inches below the waist. Pants must be properly hemmed. No rolls, cuffs, or slits.
    • Navy blue or blue plaid skirts. All skirts must be knee length.
    • Skorts, shortsand leggings/jeggings style pants are not permitted.


    Shoes – Must be a tennis shoe.

    • No boots, slip-on, slippers, sandals, clogs, or heels allowed.

    SocksMust be worn at all times.

    Belts Solid black or brown only (no writing, glitter, or any embellishment allowed on the belt).

    • No large buckles with names, initials, glitter, sequins, ribbons, or any embellishment allowed.

    Jewelry Nothing may be worn in pierced body parts other than the ears.

    • Earrings must be no larger than a quarter. Hoop earrings are not allowed.
    • Only one necklace, bracelet, ring, and pair of earrings at a time.
    • Jewelry that suggests drugs, violence, etc. is NOT allowed. Expensive jewelry should not be worn.

    IDs – All students will be required to wear an ID.

    • The first ID is included in their $20 school fee; replacement ID’s cost $5.00
    • Students are responsible for maintaining the condition of their ID. No writing, stickers, scratching out the photo, etc. are not allowed.
    • ID’s are mandatory during all school-related events

    Other Items Hats, visors, bandannas, sunglasses, and sweatshirts/jackets with hoods may not be worn.



    • Jackets/SweatshirtsL. H. Marrero Middle School jackets, cardigan sweater, pullover wind shirt, and sweatshirts with logo are recommended.
    • Jackets must reach the waist and have button or zipper closures.
    • Tights may be worn under pants or skirt during cold weather– Solid black or navy tights only.


    • Hoodies, sweatshirts & jackets with hoods, hats, visors, and bandannas may NOT be worn.*
    • Sandals, slippers, flip-flops, thongs, clogs, heels are NOT PERMITTED.
    • Hair must be a neat, clean, well-groomed and appropriate length and height. NO flowers. NO sunglasses.
    • Beards, mustaches, and goatees are NOT ALLOWED.
    • Nothing can be worn in pierced body parts other than the ears.
    • Expensive jewelry should not be worn. No dog tags, large medallions, or any other jewelry that suggests drugs, violence, etc.
    • Items with insignia that suggests sex, violence, drugs, or other inappropriate meanings (ex. Sull, marijuana plants, Al Pacino, etc.) are NOT ALLOWED.
    • *Jackets will be confiscated if students are seen wearing hoods on campus.


    NOTE: L. H. Marrero Middle School and the Jefferson Parish Public School System and its employees will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items that were confiscated from students due to the violation of school/parish/state rules. Parents/guardians should pick up such items the following day between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. in Room 101.