• yellow and green uniform shirt It is the obligation of Grace King High School to provide an educational atmosphere conducive to the learning process. Students, teachers, and administrators have the right to be free from distractive clothing, which hinders the learning process. To promote campus safety and to limit distractions, students will wear a school uniform, which may be purchased, from designated shops.

    The students will wear a standard uniform every day which will include trousers or skirt, shirt, belt, socks, shoes, and ID. Students may not alter the uniform and may not wear any garments that are not approved by the administration. The Uniform Policy is in effect when the students enter campus and until students leave campus. Students who violate the uniform policy will be directed to call a parent to correct the problem, sent to ISS until problem is rectified, and/or assigned other consequences which may include after-school detention, ISS, or out of school suspension.


    • All freshmen (9th graders) are expected to wear the gold Grace King polo shirt with the Grace King logo which is available at area uniform shops.
    • Upperclassmen (10th-12th grade) are allowed to wear the green Grace King polo shirt with Grace King logo which is available at area uniform shops.
    • Seniors may wear the grey Grace King polo shirt with Grace King logo.
    • Only a plain white shirt may be worn under the uniform shirt.
    • All shirts MUST be tucked neatly inside pants/skirt.

    student in uniform


    • Only khaki uniform Dickie-like pants are allowed. No jean/denim fabric allowed. Pants cannot have cell phone pockets.
    • Pants must be hemmed and NOT be frayed, rolled up, have cuts, holes or slits.
    • All pants must be correct waist size and worn at the waist…no low riding/hip hugger fit allowed.  Big, baggy pants or skintight pants ARE NOT ALLOWED.


    • A khaki military style belt with a military buckle is the ONLY acceptable style belt. Belts may be purchased at school. 


    • Only shoes with LACES may be worn, and shoes must be securely tied.
    • Shoes without backs, shoes with rollers, shoes with high heels or platforms, or shoes that by their construction may pose a safety risk are NOT ALLOWED.
    • Slippers, ballet shoes, boots, high tops, or mid tops, are NOT ALLOWED.
    • Only all black shoes with NO secondary or accent colors are allowed.


    • Only the current and official Grace King sweatshirt is allowed and may be purchased on campus.
    • Only the current and official Grace King v-neck sweater or cardigan is allowed and may be purchased at area uniform shops.
    • Only a current and official Grace King team jacket is allowed.
    • Only the current and official Grace King knit cap is allowed and may be purchased on campus.
    • In very cold weather, students should layer their clothing…a white undershirt, Grace King uniform shirt, Grace King sweatshirt, Grace King knit cap, etc.
    • heavy winter coat when temperature dictates may be worn to school but must open in the front to display the current ID card.


    • ID’s must be worn on the chest area and be clearly visible at all times.
    • Book bags must be see-through (i.e clear, plastic, or mesh)-school bags only, no tote bags. Students may not write or paint on school bags (name may be written inside the strap.)
    • Purses may not be larger than 8 1/2″ x 11″ (the size of a piece of loose leaf paper).
    • Student’s hair must be clean and combed. Hairstyles must not impair vision. Only one natural color or shade is permitted. Highlights of only one naturally occurring color are allowed. No stripes or other outrageous styles that bring attention or cause disruption are allowed.
    • Hats shall not be brought to school. During extremely cold weather, a Grace King knit pull on cap may be worn.
    • No hoop or dangling earrings are allowed. Only stud earrings no larger than a dime are allowed. No other pierced body jewelry is allowed.
    • A student may not write on or deface any part of the school uniform, shoes, bodies, IDs, or book bags. Any decoration or accessory must be in good taste and NOT be offensive, insulting, promote hatred, or incite inappropriate behaviors.
    • No excessive accessories are allowed.
    • Only Grace King P.E shorts and Grace King P.E shirts are allowed.
    • Tattoos must not be visible; they must be covered at all times.

    It is also the obligation of the school to enforce the attributes of personal hygiene, neatness, and safety. Therefore, all students must maintain a physical appearance in keeping with stated policy. Students violating stated dress code policy will be subject to disciplinary action. Parents or guardians will be called to provide a proper uniform for the student or to pick up the student from school until a proper uniform can be attained.