• Thomas Jefferson Daily Uniform


    Girls School Uniform

    • California Blue Polo Shirt
    • White Oxford Shirt (Seniors ONLY)
    • Appropriately Fitted Gray Skirts/Dickies Pants
    • Belt With Pants
    • School ID


    Boys School Uniform

    • California Blue Polo Shirt
    • White Oxford Shirt (Seniors ONLY)
    • Appropriately Fitted Light Gray Dickies Pants
    • Belts with Pants
    • School ID


    PE Uniform

    • TJHS PE Shirt
    • TJHS PE Shorts
    • Tennis Shoes
    • PE Shirts and Shorts may only be purchased at the school 


    Spirit Days

    • Student may substitute the Uniform Shirt with any spirit shirt, club shirt, or athletic shirt
    • "Spirit Shirts" show Thomas Jefferson Spirit - no shirts from other schools or athletic teams are allowed


  • Thomas Jefferson High School Uniform Policy


    • School uniforms – refer to the JPPSS Procedures and Policies for Parents and Students for more information
    • Shirts – Underclassmen - must be California blue. No other colors may be worn
    • Seniors may wear the school uniform shirt or the white button down oxford shirt. If the white oxford shirt is monogrammed, it can contain only their first initial and last name – (example – A. Vincent). The monogramming should be in black, gray or school blue.
    • Pants – It is recommended that you purchase the Dickies brand. They should be the light gray. The pants cannot be jean cut or cannot not be Skinny Pants. Cargo pants or cargo shorts cannot be worn. No Joggers can be worn. No sweatpants can be worn
    • Any color shoes may be worn. They cannot be open toe, backless, sandals, or slippers
    • Sweatshirts – they have to be Thomas Jefferson sweatshirts or a black sweatshirt. If the student wears a black sweatshirt, they cannot have any kind of writing or images on the sweatshirt.  THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR IS THE LAST SCHOOL YEAR THAT HOODED SWEATSHIRTS WILL BE ALLOWED.
    • The first article of clothing for warmth should be a Thomas Jefferson sweatshirt, sweater, fleece jacket or a plain black sweatshirt. If an extra layer is needed, the outerwear has to be fully opened in the front. The outerwear must have a zipper, clamp or buttons. A regular shirt (long sleeve or short sleeve) or long sleeve t-shirt cannot be worn at any time over the uniform shirt.
    • If an article of clothing does not follow the dress code, the article will be picked up and will remain in the office for the school day. The student may pick it up at the end of the day. The consequences are as follows:
      • 3rd dress code violation – parent conference
      • 4th dress code violation – detention
      • 5th dress code violation – detention
      • 6th dress code violation - suspension
    • No hoods or caps may be worn during the school hours
    • Students may not wear any kind of sports headband or bandana (colorful, patterned handkerchief.) The widest a headband can be is 1 inch. No types of head coverings (hats, scarves, etc.) can be worn during the school day. Nothing can be worn on the forehead. No tiaras or headbands with any adornment or embellishment on the headband can be worn. Clips with adornments or any type of embellishment cannot be worn. (Adornment means a thing that decorates something. Embellishment means making something more interesting or entertaining by adding extra details
    • Friday will be the default Spirit Day. The school sports/club shirts may be worn. The sports/club shirts may not be worn on any other day. No tank tops may be worn as a spirit shirt.
  • Where to Purchase Uniforms


    The following retail stores carry Thomas Jefferson High School uniforms:


    Johnson's Uniforms

    619 Westwood Drive

    Marrero, LA 70072



    Skobel's School Uniforms (formerly J & L Uniforms)

    1742 Stumpf Boulevard

    Terrytown, LA 70056



    Uniforms by Kajun

    1981 Barataria Boulevard, Suite E

    Marrero, LA 70072



    Uniforms by Logo Express

    109 Wall Boulevard

    Gretna, LA 70056