Uniform Policy

  • The official uniform at C.T. Janet Elementary consists of the following:


    • Navy blue T-Shirt, golf shirt, blouse or sweatshirt with school emblem embroidered , silk screened or lextra on it.
    • Shirts worn under shirt must be white.
    • Shirts must be tucked in for all grade levels.
    • Pre-K and Kindergarten students only – Dark purple T-shirt or golf shirt with school emblem and JPPSS Pre-K.  Shirts worn under uniform must be white.



    • Solid navy blue uniform skirt, jumper, pants, shorts, or skorts.
    • No flare legs, baggies, leggings, nylon warm up pants, or cargo pants.
    • Solid navy blue sweat pants may be worn during the winter months only.
    • Bottoms must be worn on the waistline. Under-garments should not be seen.
    • Do not buy pants a size larger.  Pants must be hemmed, not rolled or frayed at the edges.



    • Sweaters and sweatshirts may be worn inside the building, but must be school uniform or plain navy blue.  School emblem only.
    • No other logos allowed.
    • Any jacket may be worn outside.



    • May be any color or style.


    Shoes & Socks

    • Tennis shoes only. May be any color, lace up or Velcro.
    • No heelys with or without wheels, sandals, open toe or open back shoes. Entire foot must be covered.
    • No platform or high heel shoes.
    • Socks, tights, and stockings must be solid white only.



    • Required for grades 2 thru 5. Solid colors only. (black, navy blue or dark brown only).
    • No large buckles ( No larger than 1-1 1/2 inches), rhinestones, sequins or flashy items on belts.



    We have experienced numerous problems in the past regarding the fit of the uniform. In most instances pants and shirts are brought and worn by students that are several sizes too large.  This opens the door for possible safety concerns. Oversized clothes better allows for concealment of weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia and becomes a safety hazard because students trip on their pants.  This practice must be discontinued. All uniforms worn by C.T. Janet students must be of  the proper size and fit.  Pants must fit at the waist so as not to fall below the hips and buttocks.  The length of the pants should be to the top of the shoe. Too many students have been in violation of these requirements.


    Any student found in violation of dress code as pertains to proper fit will be given a warning letter on the first offense. On the second offense the student will be issued a detention. On the third offense the student will be suspended from school until the problem is addressed by the parent/student and corrected.

    Dress Down Day Rules

    • Students must receive notification from the teacher that they have met all requirements for the dress down day.
    • Clothing must be properly fitting.
    • No sleeveless or cap sleeves shirts for girls or boys.
    • No sandals, open toe or open back shoes. No platform, high heel, or slip on shoes. Entire foot must be covered. No heelys with or without wheels. Lace up or Velcro tennis shoes only.
    • No hats, bandanas, or sweatbands may be worn.
    • Students must only dress down on the designated day. If a students dresses down on the wrong day, the students will not be allowed to participate on the designated day.
    • Any student who violates the rules for dress down day will not be allowed to participate in the following dress down day activity.
    • Students must follow any special directions given for each dress down day. (Ex. Red shirt day, blue jean day, favorite sports team day, etc…)


    Uniform Vendors

    C.T. Janet uniforms may be purchased through:

    • Johnson’s Uniforms
    • Uniforms by Kajan
    • J & L Uniforms