Uniform Policy



    Boy’s School Uniform

    High School: Black or khaki uniform pants for high school. White short or long-sleeved oxford button-down shirt with Haynes Academy school logo. Black V-neck or cardigan sweater with Haynes Academy logo.

    Middle School: Khaki uniform pant.  Black, white, or ash knit polo shirt with Haynes Middle School Logo. Plain short-sleeved white undershirt, if undershirt is worn.

    Girls School Uniform

    High School: Black or khaki uniform pant, or the Haynes Academy plaid skirt. Skirts should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee all the way around. White short or long-sleeved oxford shirt with Haynes Academy logo. Plain short-sleeved white undershirt if worn. Black V-neck or cardigan sweater with Haynes Academy Logo. Athletic shoes of any color or black or brown causal shoes i.e. Topsiders.  SKIRTS MUST NOT BE ROLLED,

    Middle School: Khaki uniform pant; skirts same as high school above. White, or ash knit polo shirt with Haynes Middle School Logo. Plain short-sleeved white T-shirts may be worn under the uniform. Black or grey sweatshirts with the Haynes logo or Haynes team, club, sweatshirts approved by the Principal.  SKIRTS MUST NOT BE ROLLED.


    Shirts:  The shirt must be tucked into the pants or skirt. Only plain short-sleeved white undershirts. Class shirts may only be worn on announced or specified days.

    Shoes and Socks:  Students may only wear athletic shoes, top-siders, or hard-soled shoes. Backless shoes, boots, high heels, platform shoes moccasins, slippers, flip flops, or shoes with wheels may not be worn. Girls may wear natural, black, or white stockings, footed leggings or ankle length leggings no higher than 1 inch above the ankle.

    Sock colors for all students may only be black, white, and/or gray

    Solid black, white, or gray tights may be worn under the skirt.

    Outerwear:  Students may wear a Haynes Academy club, class, or team sweatshirt/jacket that has been approved by the administration as outwear.  Students may also wear a plain black jacket or sweater, but it must remain unzipped or unbuttoned inside the building and must be free of logos, team names, writings and/or pictures.

    ****Clothing or outerwear from other schools may not be worn at Haynes Academy including high schools, colleges and universities.


    Students ID’s:  Students must wear the current year’s Haynes Academy student ID every day.  If a student loses his/her ID or leaves it at home, a temporary ID must be purchased for that day.  A student must report to the office during homeroom to purchase an ID or he/she will receive a detention.  If the student cannot locate the ID, a new, permanent ID must be purchased.  Temporary and new ID debts will be considered financial obligations of the students.  IDs may not be altered or defaced.

    Book Bags:  Only clear, see-through or mesh book bags, tote bags, or back packs are permitted.  Girls may carry a small purse. Athletic bags or items needed for a special event or class, must be left with the sponsoring moderator/teacher before homeroom and may be picked up after school or upon leaving for an event or game.


    1. Hats, bandannas, visors, ear muffs, or caps not may be worn.  Knit caps and hoodies may be worn outdoors on cold winter days only.
    2. Hair picks, rakes, combs, or hair sticks/pens may not be worn.
    3. Pierced earrings may be worn, however no nose rings, tongue rings/studs, or other body piercing jewelry may not be worn.
    4. Scarves, gloves, or sunglasses may not be worn indoors.
    5. Clothing with holes in it may not be worn.
    6. Hair rollers, hair nets, or shower caps may not be worn.
    7. Sweatpants or warm-ups may not be worn under school uniforms.
    8. Long earrings or ones that may cause injury may not be worn.
    9. Jewelry such as chains, medallions, bracelets, rings, or watches which are long, excessive, expensive, offensive in design, or family relics are not to be worn to school.
    10. Toys, games, playing or trading cards are not permitted as well as radios, tape players, cameras, recording devices, iPods, mp3 players, beepers, laser pointers.
    11. A student must use appropriate grooming techniques and good hygiene.  Hair may not be extreme in style or unnatural in color.
    12. Dress code for dress down days will be provided prior to event.

    ****Extracurricular clothing: All organizations, clubs, teams, or group t-shirts or outerwear must be either black, yellow, gray, or white, with the exception of class color t-shirts and outerwear.  All extracurricular clothing must contain the name Haynes Academy in the design.  All designs must be approved by the administration.


    Students must immediately correct any violation of uniform code and/or the student will call home for a change of clothes that are in compliance with the uniform code.

    1st/2nd Violation: Lunch detention

    3rd Violation: After School detention

    4th Referral/Parent Conference

    5th Violation:  Referral/Suspension