• Girls Uniforms:

    Girls must wear white of hunter green golf or polo style shirts, preferably with the school logo and solid dark blue pants, knee-length walking shorts, skirts or skorts. Jumpers can be worn by girls in Pre-K through 2nd grade ONLY! Sweatpants are not permitted.

    Boys Uniforms:

    Boys must wear white or hunter green golf or polo style shirts, preferably with the school logo and solid dark blue pants or knee-length walking shorts. Sweatpants are not permitted.

    General Uniform Information:

    Parents are encouraged to buy shirts with the school logo. Shirts with the school logo may be purchased at local uniform shops.
    Uniform pants, shorts, and skorts must be worn at the student’s waistline. Studens are to wear a brown or black belt with shorts or pants. All shirts must be tucked neatly inside pants/skirts. No trousers or leggings may be worn under skirts. Only white, black or navy tights that cover the entire leg may be worn.
    Only plain white,black, or blue short sleeve or long sleeved shirts may be worn under the uniform. Only a Green Park, solid green or white sweatshirt without the hood may be worn.
    Students may wear any color or style of jacket outside of the classroom, as long as the garment is in line with the dress code policy of Jefferson Parish Public Schools. Jackets and coats must be removed upon entering the building. District policy does not allow the wearing of starter jackets or such look-alike jackets.
    Students must wear the approved school uniform every day of the week. On certain special days during the school year, students will be allowed to come to school out of uniform. Notices will be sent home in advance to announce such special events.
    All Pre-K students must wear the purple polo style shirt with the logo, required by the district. All other Green Park uniform guidlines are to be followed.


    Only small earrings no larger than a dime are allowed. No hoops, hanging or dangling earrings may be worn.
    Pants must be fitted at the natural waist with a belt and not hanging. No low riders.
    Purses are not allowed.
    Students are not allowed to wear caps, hats, or bandanas.
    No denim material of jeans are acceptable.
    Tight-fitting and see-through garments are not permitted. No alterations to the uniform may be made.
    Tennis shoes are needed for P.E. class. Students may not wear sandals, backless shoes, or shoes with wheels.
    No gloves without fingers for fashion are allowed.
    No use of safety pins or straight pins
    No holes in clothing. No wallet chains.
    Official scout uniforms may be worn to school on meeting days.
    Any type of clothing , shoe, hairstyle, jewerly, or accessory that is unsafe, distracting, or disruptive to the school environment as determined by the administration will not be permitted.
    Rolling book bags are not allowed on campus or on the school bus unless a serious medical condition requires such use. A doctor’s note must be submitted to the office before a rolling bag is used.
    Please refer to the Procedures and Policies for Parents and Students handbook for further information about district policies.


    The following procedure will be followed when a student does not comply with the uniform policy:
    1st offense- Warning and call home to parents
    2nd offense- Detention
    3rd offense- Parental conference
    4th offense- Suspension