Green Park Elementary Policies & Procedures

    Students who arrive at school after 8:40 and before 11:30 will be considered tardy. Students who arrive at 11:30 and after will be considered absent 1/2 day. Parents of students who have been tardy 5 times, will receive a 1/2 hour detention. After 10 tardies, there will be a 1 hour detention. Students who have 12 unexcused absences will be eligible for retention for the year. PLEASE SEND A PARENT AND/OR DOCTOR’S NOTE WITH EVERY ABSENCE.

    All visitors must report to the office and obtain a visitor’s pass upon entering the school campus. Visitors are also required to sign out upon leaving.

    Fire drills are conducted monthly. Tornado drills and random searches are conducted once each nine weeks. Jefferson Parish School Board has authorized search procedures using metal detectors and canines.

    In the event that severe weather or any other emergency necessitates that school be dismissed early, WWL (AM) is the official radio station used by the school board to announce such closing or early dismissal.
    Searches may be made with handheld or stationary metal detectors of school board property, of students and non-students, and of any bags, parcels, purses , containers, etc. that they may bring onto school board property or to school sponsored events.