Uniform Policy

  • 1. Collared Fisher uniform shirts are required Monday-Thursday with khaki pants, knee length shorts, or uniform skirts.

    2. Fisher spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays with uniform pants, shorts, or skirts.

    3. Tennis shoes must be worn every day.

    4. Only Fisher sweatshirts or solid colored sweatshirt with no design may be worn. Hoodies are NOT allowed.  Sweatshirts that do not follow uniform policy will be held in the office until the end of the school day.  A collared Fisher uniform shirt must be worn underneath sweatshirt.

    5 Girls are allowed to wear fitted tights or leggings underneath (black, gray or neutral color only). No sweatpants are to be worn under skirts. Skirts must be worn at an appropriate length and not rolled at the waistline.

    6. Baseball caps are not to be worn on campus. A sweater cap may be worn outside only during cold months.

    7. A student will not wear jewelry or accessories that create a distraction or a safety hazard. With the exception of pierced earrings worn in the ear lobe, a student will not wear any visible body piercing studs, ring, or hoops, i.e. nose, lip or eyebrow piercing.  Student athletes may not wear jewelry of any kind while participating in athletic practice or athletic events.

     8. PE uniforms will not be sold until Phase 3. Students are not permitted to dress out until further notice. 

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