Uniform Policy

  • The school uniform was developed by a committee of Parents, Students and Teachers. All students are to have shirts tucked in. No alterations to the uniform should be made. Students are not allowed to substitute other types of uniform pants or shirts. Parents/guardians may be contacted to correct student uniforms when a appearance is a distraction to the learning environment.


    DICKIES plain or pleated front, twill, DARK TAN KHAKI (No off color), straight-legged long pants. Female students have the option of wearing pants made from the “Ehret plaid” material. The style of the plaid pants must be the same as the Dickies pants.

    Appropriate belt must be worn. (Webbed 1” military style belt in navy blue, black, red, white, or khaki with adjustable regulation size brass buckle is preferred. A dress belt of 1” black or brown leather is acceptable. Oversize buckles will not be allowed – NO LARGER THAN “2” INCHES WILL BE ACCEPTED.)

    SLITS IN PANTS OR rolled pant legs OR skinny pants NOT ALLOWED.


    Freshmen (9th Grade) Students

    All incoming ninth graders are required to wear our new grey polo shirts with the Ehret Logo.

    Upperclassmen (All returning students)

    Official navy blue pique, short-sleeved or long-sleeved polo shirt with the embroidered Ehret logo.

    Short/long-sleeved light blue oxford shirts with school logo may be worn. (They must be buttoned up and completely tucked in pants/skirt.) SHIRTS MUST BE WORN COMPLETELY TUCKED IN THE PANTS so that the belt is completely visible. Shirts must not be too tight and of proper length. No shirts will are allowed to be worn over the uniform shirt.


    Laced or slip-on dress shoes, as well as tennis shoes are standard wear.Socks must be worn.Open-toed shoes, backless shoes, high heels, slippers, boots, or sandals ARE NOT ALLOWED.


    Students may wear their own choice of heavy jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt that zips or buttons all the way down the front. HOODIES ARE NEVER ALLOWED ON CAMPUS AND WILL BE CONFISCATED!

    An official EHRET SWEATSHIRT may be worn over the Ehret uniform shirt. It must be worn outside the pants or skirt as long as the uniform shirt is tucked in.


    Students may wear John Ehret-based, official club, class, or organization shirts on Fridays. Athletic team members may wear uniform tops, with their coaches’ permission on game days. Wrestling and track members may wear team sweatshirt tops, but they must be worn over the John Ehret uniform shirt. Students must adhere to the John Ehret Dress Code Policy. All shirts/jerseys must be tucked into regular school uniform pants.