John Ehret High Policies & Procedures


    Any student who is injured at school must report the injury to his/her instructor immediately. The instructor will give first aid to the student and then send the student to the Attendance Office. The instructor must complete an Accident Report Form, which must be filed in the Attendance Office in the 900 Building.


    In compliance with Louisiana Revised Statute 17.221, it is the policy of the Jefferson Parish School System to require that every child between the ages of seven (7) and sixteen (16), both inclusive, attend a public or private school in regular assigned classes during regular school hours or to participate in an approved homestudy program.

    When a student is absent from school, a phone call is made to his/her home to substantiate the absence.

    Students who accumulate eighteen (18) days of unexcused absences will receive a grade of “X” (no credit) for all full-year courses. Students who accumulate nine (9) days of unexcused absences will receive a grade of “X” (no credit) for all semester courses.


    Students are asked to sign attendance verification sheets in homeroom four (4) times a year, usually right before exams. If a student disagrees with the days, the student should sign the verification sheet to verify that he/she has been informed of the days recorded as absent, then report to the Attendance Office to report any discrepancies. It is the student’s responsibility to get the disputed days cleared up by speaking with the administrator or clerk in charge of attendance.


    Upon a student’s return to school after an absence, a note signed by the parent/guardian stating the date(s) and reason of the absence must accompany the student and be presented to student’s teachers. However, only a certified doctor’s note or documentation of a legal nature will excuse the absence.


    Students must have each teacher sign the back of any document (doctor’s note, court document). When the student has had each teacher sign the document, the student is responsible for submitting the document in to the Attendance Office for verification and final approval. The Attendance Office will then mark the absence as “Excused” on the student’s attendance record. Students are advised to make a copy of their documentation before submitting it. If extenuating circumstances exist whereby a parent cannot obtain the proper documentation, the parent should arrange a conference with the administrator in charge of attendance.


    The Attendance Summary on the student’s Interim Reports and Report Cards show the total number of days absent. The student’s unexcused day can be determined by subtracting the days excused from the total days absent. In order to do this, the student must keep track of the excused documents that he/she has turned in to the Attendance Office.

    Secondary students must be present a minimum of eighty (80) days per semester to be eligible to receive credit for the course taken. Exceptions can be made only in the event of extended personal illness verified by a physician and/or extenuating circumstances approved by the Parish Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance.


    When arriving to school after 7:20 A.M., the student must report to the Attendance Office in the 900 Building to officially check in.

    To leave campus at anytime, the student must obtain a check-out form from his/her teacher. The student will complete that form and take it to the Attendance Office, then return to class. Attendance personnel will contact the parent to pick up the student. Once the parent arrives to school, the student will be called out of class to officially check out.

    Students who are eighteen (18) and/or have their own vehicles must still follow the check out policy. If a student has a vehicle on campus, and the parent gives permission for the student to drive him/herself home, then we will allow it. In any case, the parent must always be contacted by the Attendance Office before a student will be allowed to check out. Failure to follow these procedures will result in disciplinary action.

    To have the time away from school due to a late arrival or a check-out excused, the student must present official documentation (doctor’s note, court note). There will be no check-outs allowed after 2:10 p.m.


    For excused absences of five (5) or more consecutive days, the student must be given the opportunity to initiate and complete make up work within ten (10) school days after returning to school. Extension of time may be granted at the discretion of a school administrator and the teacher in cases of extended illnesses.

    For excused absences of fewer than five (5) consecutive days, the allotted time to make up the work is left to the discretion of the teacher; however, it should not exceed ten (10) school days.

    Students missing school as a result of any out-of-school suspension shall be counted as absent and shall be given failing grades for those days suspended with no make-up work allowed. Students who are in the in-school suspension program are marked present. Make-up work is allowed provided that the students fulfill all requirements set by the in-school suspension teachers.

    It is the responsibility of the student to initiate and complete make up work. If the work is not made up by the time specified, the incomplete grade shall become an “F.”

    Official documentation (doctor’s note, court notice, death of immediate family member) will both excuse the absence and allow the student to make up the missed work. A note by a parent or guardian can be recognized to allow a student to make up work, but it does not excuse the absence.


    Student parking is restricted to the parking spaces marked by the white lines. (Yellow lines are for faculty/staff.) Students must procure a parking permit. A driver’s license (not a permit), proof of insurance, and $10.00 are needed. Students will be assigned specific spaces/areas in which to park. Failure to follow procedures will result in the revocation of the parking permit. Please note that the Wal-Mart parking lot is private property for customer use only, and students are not allowed to park there during the school day.


    Please be advised that John Ehret High School does not provide “before school” or “after school” care. No student shall be dropped off at school before 6:50 a.m. All students, unless under the supervision of a coach or sponsor, shall be off campus by 3:30 p.m. Parents must pick up students from all school-sponsored activities (dances, field trips, games, meetings, practices, etc.) within one-half hour of the conclusion of the activity. Failure to do so will result in the student forfeiting the right to engage in future activities.


    Bells will ring at the beginning of class with a tardy bell ringing five (5) minutes later. All students must be in their assigned classrooms or areas prior to the sounding of the tardy bell.


    Students are not permitted to distribute flyers or post anything on the bulletin boards without the prior approval of the principal. Under no circumstances is anything to be attached to painted walls or surfaces.


    Student behavior on school buses shall be subject to the Jefferson Parish Public School System’s pamphlet, “Procedures and Policies for Parents and Students” and the Safety Guidelines for Students Riding School Buses in Jefferson Parish.


    Cell phones are allowed on campus.  However, they must be in the OFF position and not visible until designated times.  Students may use their cell phone in common areas (before school, during lunch and after school). Personal use of cell phones is not allowed in class.  The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen cell phones.  Electronic devices (including ear buds, headphones, Bluetooth devices and watches) may be subject to surrender to an administrator.  Once confiscated, cell phones and other devices will be returned at the designated time unless otherwise stated.  


    All dance tickets are pre-sold. Students may purchase tickets though the SGA Office. Ehret students are to present their ticket and their school ID at the door of the dance for admittance. The Ehret student may bring one guest to the dance. The student must purchase a dance ticket at the SGA Office for his/her guest. The student will be responsible for the behavior of that guest and may face disciplinary action if the guest misbehaves. The administration or sponsor has the right to deny entry to any student who presents a problem. Once a student or guest leaves the dance, there is no re-admittance. No student will be allowed to attend any dance while on suspension and will forfeit the right to a refund.


    Detentions are used as an alternative to suspensions and will be assigned to be meaningful and constructive. A twenty-four (24) hour parental notice is all that is required for after-school detentions issued by a teacher. Lunch detentions are assigned for dress code/ID infractions and tardiness to class/school, when appropriate. Students who fail to attend the assigned lunch detentions must see their deans for make-up approval. Failure to serve detentions will result in suspension.


    Development of good discipline is one of the most important goals of education. Discipline is the development of self-control, character, and proper consideration for other people. Understanding the purposes of discipline in school facilitates the formation of positive attitude and assists the students in doing his/her part to make himself/herself a better person and the school a better place. Students’ behavior shall be subject to the Jefferson Parish Public School System’s pamphlet, “Procedures and Policies for Parents and Students,” the policies of John Ehret High School contained in this handbook, and any additional rules/policies assigned by individual teachers in the classrooms.


    The administration may deviate from the following consequences, depending upon extenuating circumstances.

    CLASS 1 – First offense will result in a minimum of detention(s) unless the offense is deemed more serious. All subsequent offenses will result in suspension.

    Disrupting class activities; Failure to sign in to school; In unauthorized area; Leaving class without permission; Eating/drinking in halls/class; Failure to follow teacher directions; Public display of affection (after 1 st warning); Tardiness to class (after    2nd warning); Violation of pass policy; Violation of dress/uniform policy; Violation of ID policy; Smoking/possession of tobacco; Bringing commercial food on campus.

    CLASS 2 – Each offense may result in suspension. Depending on the severity, and/or whether or not the offense has occurred before, the result may be anything from a UPC suspension to a ROSY suspension. Campus disturbance; Bus disturbance; Trespassing; Inappropriate behavior; Physically harassing a student; Refusing to sign a behavior report, detention notice, etc; Sexual harassment; Possession of radios, CD/tape players, etc.; Violation of the medication policy; Cutting class; Intimidation of another student; Using another student’s ID to eat in the cafeteria; Violation of dress/uniform policy as pertains to proper fit/alteration and habitual dress code offenses; Truancy/leaving campus; Out of class longer than 10 minutes without a pass; Failure to serve administrative/lunch detention.

    CLASS 3 – Each offense may result in a 3-day suspension, or longer, depending on the offense. Possession of vulgar material (notes, CD/tapes, magazines, shirts, etc.; Disrespect to school personnel; Profanity/vulgar language in class; Gambling (dice, cards, flipping coins, etc.); Forgery; Selling for personal profit; Vandalism; Stealing/possession of stolen property (number of days determined by intrinsic and/or monetary value of item); Willful disobedience; Possession of drug paraphernalia ; Instigating/attempting a fight; Possession of lighter/matches

    CLASS 4 – Each offense may result in a 5-day suspension or longer, and possible arrest, depending on the offense. Profanity/vulgarity toward a teacher; Verbally insinuating threats to personnel

    CLASS 5 – Each offense may result in a 9-day suspension or longer, and possible arrest, depending on the offense.

    Possession of drugs/alcohol Under the influence of drugs/alcohol Fighting Theft of any item of significant value Possession of look-alike drugs Verbal threats to personnel Possession of a dangerous implement Engaging in physical sexual activity Refusing to give name/ID Giving a false name/ID Walking/Running from school personnel

    CLASS 6 – Each offense will result in an expulsion that may extend to 2 calendar years. The student will also be arrested.

    4th suspension; Possession/use of a weapon; Setting off a fire alarm; Possession of drugs/alcohol with intent to distribute; Arson; Possession/use of fireworks, smoke bombs, or explosive substances; Gang/group fighting; Rioting; Physical abuse of personnel; Assault; Theft using force/intimidation; Bomb threat; Bodily injury to student/school personnel; Possession of/use of personal defense items including mace and pepper spray; Failing to stop fighting after being told to do so; Re-engaging in a fight after it was broken up.


    The faculty and staff of John Ehret High School are committed to providing the best education for our students. While it is the right of every student to have the opportunity to learn, it is also the right of every student at John Ehret to attend classes in the environment that is both safe and conducive to learning. Disorderly conduct is a detriment to the educational process, and therefore, cannot and will not be tolerated.

    While we are convinced that all individuals need an education, we also realize that John Ehret is not necessarily the most appropriate setting for all individuals to receive their education. Therefore, it is necessary that students as well as parents be aware of the following law and policy:

    Section 1 of the Louisiana Revised Statute 17:224 was amended by the legislature in 1992 and states that any student who exhibits disruptive behavior, an incorrigible attitude, or any other discipline problem in general, may be recommended by the principal for expulsion, assignment to an appropriate alternative education program, or transfer to adult education if such student is 17 years of age or older with fewer than 5 units of credit towards graduation, 18 years of age or older with fewer than 10 credits, or 19 or older with fewer than 15 credits.

    In February 1995, the Jefferson Parish School Board approved the following amendment to the Jefferson Parish Public School System Discipline Policy: “Any student suspended for the remainder of the school year and being 17 years of age or older may, after the term of their suspension, be referred to Adult Education or other alternative educational programs, for educational services and not be allowed to return to the regular school setting effective school year 1995-96.”


    In accordance with R.S. 17:416.1 (D), the principal or headmaster of a school, public or private, must notify the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Office of Motor Vehicles of any student between the ages of fourteen (14) and eighteen (18) who has been subjected to a disciplinary action as defined in this statute, so that they may process the request for suspensive action (suspension of driving privileges) in accordance with R.S. 32:431. As per the Legislative Act 732 of the 2003 legislative session, a student who is expelled or suspended from school for ten or more consecutive days for committing the following infractions or who withdraws from school under certain circumstances will have his or her name submitted to the Office of Motor Vehicles: the sale or possession of drugs, alcohol, or any other illegal substance, possession of a firearm, or an infraction involving assault or battery on a member of the school faculty or staff.


    John Ehret uniforms MUST BE of the proper size and fit. Pants must fit at the waist and not fall below the waist or buttocks. The length of the pants must fall to the top of the shoe. Shirts cannot be so large that they cannot be tucked in. There will be NO modifications of the uniform.

    Any student found in violation of the dress code, as pertains to fit, will be suspended from school until the problem is addressed and corrected by the parent/student. We strongly urge ALL parents to get involved and SUPERVISE the purchase and proper wearing of school uniforms.


    DICKIES plain or pleated front, twill, DARK TAN KHAKI (No off color), straight-legged long pants. Female students have the option of wearing pants made from the “Ehret plaid” material. The style of the plaid pants must be the same as the Dickies pants.

    Appropriate belt must be worn. (Webbed 1” military style belt in navy blue, black, red, white, or khaki with adjustable regulation size brass buckle is preferred. A dress belt of 1” black or brown leather is acceptable. Oversize buckles will not be allowed – NO LARGER THAN “2” INCHES WILL BE ACCEPTED.)


    Official navy blue pique, short-sleeved or long-sleeved polo shirt with the embroidered Ehret logo.

    Short/long-sleeved light blue oxford shirts with school logo may be worn. (They must be buttoned up and completely tucked in pants/skirt.) SHIRTS MUST BE WORN COMPLETELY TUCKED IN THE PANTS so that the belt is completely visible. Shirts must not be too tight and of proper length. No shirts will are allowed to be worn over the uniform shirt.


    Laced or slip-on dress shoes, as well as tennis shoes are standard wear.Socks must be worn.Open-toed shoes, backless shoes, high heels, slippers, boots, or sandals ARE NOT ALLOWED.


    Students may wear their own choice of heavy jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt that zips or buttons all the way down the front.

    An official EHRET SWEATSHIRT may be worn over the Ehret uniform shirt. It must be worn outside the pants or skirt as long as the uniform shirt is tucked in.

    Other pullover sweaters or sweatshirts WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE WORN OVER THE UNIFORM SHIRT.

    Undershirts, t-shirts, thermal shirts, etc. may be worn under the Ehret uniform shirt, but must be completely tucked in.

    “Trench coats”, all loose-fitting, oversize coats will not be allowed.

    An official Ehret knit cap may be worn only during cold weather. Other caps, hats, visors, bandannas, rags, headbands, or hoods ARE NOT ALLOWED.


    Staples Sporting Goods - 24 Kepler Street 366-3406

    Uniforms by Kajan - 1981 Barataria Blvd 371-8570

    J & L Uniforms - 1742 Stumpf Blvd 366-6887

    Johnson’s Uniforms - 619 Westwood Dr 340-6061

    Walmart, K-Mart - ALL WESTBANK STORES – khaki pants only


    Students may wear John Ehret-based, official club, class, or organization shirts on Fridays. Athletic team members may wear uniform tops, with their coaches’ permission on game days. Wrestling and track members may wear team sweatshirt tops, but they must be worn over the John Ehret uniform shirt. Students must adhere to the John Ehret Dress Code Policy. All shirts/jerseys must be tucked into regular school uniform pants.


    In addition to the uniform policy, all students are expected to adhere to a dress code policy. The dress code has been established to maintain a school climate that is conducive to learning and to limit distractions and disruptions to the learning process.

    Students will NOT be allowed to wear the following items:

    • Any school uniform that has been inappropriately altered
    • Low-riding pants
    • Pants legs that are rolled up
    • Pants that begin below the waist, don’t reach the ankles, and/or are unhemmed
    • Hats, caps, hoods, headbands, or bandannas at any time (do not bring these to school), unless it is an approved hat sold by the school for cold weather only.
    • Any body-piercing jewelry except that which is worn on the ears
    • Sunglasses worn indoors
    • Hair rollers, rat tail combs, picks
    • Unpatriotic words or pictures on clothing or accessories
    • Clothing depicting any design or insignia not approved by the school
    • Clothing or accessories depicting any off-campus fraternity, sorority, or other club or group design or insignia not approved by the school
    • Clothing, accessories, or jewelry depicting violence, blood, knives, guns, skulls, drugs, etc.
    • Clothing, accessories, or jewelry with alcohol or drug references and/or suggestive wording, pictures, or anything that could be considered disruptive to the learning process as determined by the administration, including pictures of persons associated with violence or drugs
    • Politically related clothing or accessories (This includes items for past politicians)
    • Valuable jewelry
    • Excessively large rings or rings covering more than one finger
    • Cloth or fabric bookbags, tote bags, back packs, department store bags, or any non-see-through bags (Only clear or mesh bags are permitted)
    • Any type of chain or jewelry deemed inappropriate or unsafe as determined by the administration—No thick chains; no earrings or medallions larger than a quarter
    • Any type of jewelry or apparel that has protruding studs or spikes
    • Any apparel which is deemed gang-related by the Police Department and/or the administration
    • Clothing, accessories, or jewelry depicting any music groups or individual musicians

    Confiscated items can be retrieved every Thursday at checkpoint A or B between 3:32 - 4:00 p.m.


    FORMAL DANCES – Boys will wear suits or tuxedos. Girls will wear formal length dresses. Bare midriffs or revealing clothing will not be allowed.

    SEMI-FORMAL DANCES – Boys will wear dress slacks, dress shirts with a tie or sweater or a coat. Girls will wear semi-formal length dresses. Bare midriffs or revealing clothing will not be allowed.

    CASUAL DANCES – boys will wear dress pants or denim jeans. Faded, torn, or ragged jeans will not be allowed. Girls may wear Capri pants that are below the knee. Shorts are not allowed for anyone. Shirts will be button-down or polo. T-shirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps, shirts that show the midriff, the back, are see-through, or are immodest will not be allowed. Skirts and dresses may not be more than 2” above the knee.

    ALL DANCES – No student will be allowed to wear hats, caps, rags, headbands, or bandannas. DANCE PICTURES – Any student showing a gang sign or obscene gesture will forfeit the right to the pictures and will not receive a refund. The student may also face disciplinary action.


    The emergency card is a critical document in the event of sudden illness or an accident. Students are to fill in the “Student Emergency Card” on the first day they report to homeroom. These cards are to be signed by the parent and MUST be returned to the homeroom teacher within five (5) days. No sign-outs will be initiated if an emergency card is not on file.


    Students having a financial obligation for lost textbooks, library fines, ID fees, miscellaneous fees, etc., will not receive a transfer, summer school permission slip, or a diploma until the obligation is cleared with the Accounts Clerk in the 100 Building.


    The purpose of fire drills is to safeguard the student in the event of an actual fire. The regulations for procedures to be followed during the fire drills are posted in every classroom. Each student should become familiar with these rules.

    The signal for the fire drill will be the sounding of the fire alarm. When the signal is given, students are to leave their classrooms in an orderly manner, with the instructor at the head of the rank. The students will move quickly and quietly through the halls and out of the buildings. Students will follow their instructors to the assigned areas, remain with their teacher, and stand quietly at least 25 feet from any building and away from all streets and bus lanes. At the all-clear signal, students will return to the classroom they occupied at the time of the alarm. Students should leave their bookbags in the classrooms.


    Participation in the graduation ceremony is an opportunity and a privilege given to John Ehret graduates, not a right that is guaranteed. The school requires certain codes of behavior and dress in order to walk across the stage at graduation, and has the right to deny any student that privilege if his/her dress, appearance and/or behavior is deemed inappropriate at the graduation ceremony. Graduation is a time when we present ourselves as a unified group – the graduates of John Ehret High School – not as individuals. A graduate will also be denied the opportunity of walking across the stage if he/she exhibits any behavior at school, or at a school function, such as graduation practice, which would otherwise result in a suspension. Such a consequence would be used from the time just prior to the last day of school for seniors, up to and including the graduation ceremony.


    All counselors are located in the Curriculum Department in the 900 Building. Counselors are available before school and during lunch. Students should not request passes from teachers to see their counselors during instructional time, unless there is an emergency.


    Students are to report to homeroom when the bell rings at 7:20. Attendance is taken. If a student is absent from homeroom, that absence counts against a student’s total absent days. Students who arrive to school after homeroom must check in at the Attendance Office. Discipline action will be taken for those students who miss homeroom and fail to check in.

    Students who miss homeroom may pick up any documents (including Interim Reports and Report Cards) during homeroom the following day.


    All students must purchase and wear a student ID card. The card must be visible to school personnel. It must be in undamaged and unaltered condition and worn on a lanyard around the neck. ID cards allow for immediate identification of a student on a regular and emergency basis. All students must wear the ID cards at all times while on campus. Failure to purchase and properly wear your ID will result in disciplinary action.

    ID packets are purchased during the first two weeks of school for $10.00. Replacement ID’s (lost, stolen, misplaced, or damaged) are sold for $5.00 in the Discipline Office (900 Building) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the second half of lunch.

    Temporary ID’s will be available for sale each morning in the cafeteria. If you lose or forget your ID at home, you must obtain a temporary ID before the homeroom/2nd period bell rings. Temporary ID’s are $1.00 and are valid for one day only. Lunch detentions will be issued students who fail to purchase temporary ID’s. *If a student purchases five (5) temporary ID’s, he/she may obtain a free replacement ID.


    When weather is inclement, students will be expected to proceed directly to the designated areas for their safety and protection.


    Lockers will be selected by students during the first week of school by grade classification. Issuance of lockers will take place in the gym under administrative supervision while ID pictures are being taken. Each student is to use only one locker. (Exception: Students taking P.E. will also be assigned a P.E. locker). All lockers without locks and unassigned lockers will be sealed after the first week of school. No one is allowed in the lockers during lunch time. Lockers may be used before homeroom, at the exchange of classes, before and after lunch, and at the end of the day.

    It is the student’s responsibility to keep a reliable lock on his/her locker and check that it is properly locked. Remember, if you lose anything from your locker, you are responsible and will be expected to pay for any school property in your locker.

    NOTE: School administrators may hold periodic inspections of lockers and any illegal material will be seized and proper charges will be filed with the court authorities.

    If you need a lock cut from your locker, you are to report to the 100 Building switchboard before homeroom/2nd period, and the receptionist will call for a maintenance worker to meet you. Locks will not be cut at any other time of the day.


    Students are responsible for the proper care of all books, supplies, and equipment issued by the school. Any misplaced material is the responsibility of the student. The Lost and Found is located in the Discipline Office in the 900 Building. A student having lost a purse, gym suit, bookbag, jewelry, or any other article may obtain permission from the office staff to look for the lost article(s) in the Lost and Found. Textbooks that are found are sent to the Discipline Office in the 900 Building.


    All students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, adult manner. Good conduct and good eating habits are to be exercised at all times. Reasonable conversational tone in the cafeteria is permitted. Each student must bring his/her tray to the disposal areas. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

    Food and drink taken from the cafeteria or purchased from the concession stand must remain in designated areas, and trash must be placed in one of the trash receptacles. All food/drink is to be consumed during the lunch period. Students are not allowed to bring food/drinks into the classrooms.

    While at lunch, students are to remain in the open area of the campus, and out of all buildings except those designated for restroom use. Students should not enter classroom buildings, parking lots, or the gym during their lunch time. Students are not allowed to leave campus during lunch, nor are they permitted to bring commercial food (McDonald’s, Burger King, Popeye’s, etc.) onto campus.


    It is the policy of the Jefferson Parish Public School System that all medications, prescription and non-prescription, brought to school by a student, must be kept in the principal’s secretary’s office in the 100 Building and will be dispensed only by school personnel to the student.

    • No medication, prescription or non-prescription, will be on a student’s person at any time.
    • All medication will be stored for the student and dispensed to the student at the request of the parent/guardian.
    • Schools will not provide any medication.
    • A Medication Log (S.S. 34) must be maintained by the school for any medication dispensed.
    • The principal, or designee, should dispose of remaining medicine after a week. (Except in cases of chronic illness which includes Special Education medication.)
    • School personnel will not administer any type of injections.


    • Parents will notify the school in writing of their request to dispense medication to their child, including all directions and special administrations, and shall supply all necessary items needed for the administering of the medication. Parents are to see the principal’s secretary in the 100 Building for proper forms and procedures.
    • Prescription drugs must be accompanied by a Physician’s Statement (S.S. 35) if medication is to be dispensed for more than one week.
    • The principal will designate one person(s) to dispense the medication and assist the student in securing the dosage prescribed.
    • Schools will keep all medicines locked in a secure place.
    • The appropriate Medication and Release From Liability forms must be obtained (S.S. 36 or S. S. 37).
    • Any medication that is required to be kept permanently as school for emergency situations must have a Physician’s Statement form (S.S. 35) submitted quarterly.
    • Principal/designee shall notify parent when disposing of medicine.
    • The medicine bottle and/or prescription label will be kept by the school for thirty (30) days.


    • Parents will be required to come to school and administer injections to their child.
    • A student old enough to administer his/her injection must keep paraphernalia in the office.
    • Parent or student is responsible for determining the appropriate dosage.
    • A student administering self-injections must have a Physician’s Statement Form (S. S. 35) and a Consent Form (S. S. 37) on file at school.


    During school hours, students are not allowed in the area in front of the 100/900 Buildings, in the parking area opposite the 200/300 Buildings, in the parking areas opposite the 600/700 Buildings, or in the parking areas behind the 300 or 600 Buildings. The driveway behind the gym and the rear of the gym area are also off limits to students. Sitting in parked cars is NOT allowed.

    Prior to homeroom, students are to remain outside buildings. In cold/rainy weather, students will report to the designated areas.


    Students will receive passes in the Student Planner. These passes are only for use in an emergency, such as when students are ill, and when they are called to the office, and as a restroom pass. This pass should stay in the student’s possession at all times.

    Students may use the restrooms during the exchange of classes without a pass, but the students will still be responsible for reporting to the class on time.

    Students are not allowed out of class at any time without a pass signed by the teacher or an administrator. Substitutes are not allowed to write passes for students.

    Passes are not issued during 5th or 7th periods. These are “lock-down” periods.

    If a student has to go into a building before school or during lunch for a teacher’s detention, make-up work, a meeting, etc., that student must have a pass signed by the appropriate teacher, sponsor, or administrator.


    Weekly progress reports are available in the 900 Building Curriculum Office. Students may pick up progress reports during lunch on Thursdays or before school on Fridays.


    • Do not bring large sums of money or other valuables (expensive watches, rings, necklaces, cameras, etc.) on campus.
    • Do not leave your belongings where they can be damaged, misplaced, or taken.
    • Be especially alert to people acting suspiciously so that you can describe them in the event of trouble.
    • Report all “strangers” or people you know should not be on campus immediately to a teacher, administrator, campus police officer, or office personnel. 


    Tardiness reduces the instructional time of the student who is late and also interrupts the class s/he is coming into, resulting in a loss of instructional quality and time for all students.

    Students and parents are reminded that all students must officially check in each morning or upon their arrival at school. Students must report to homeroom/2nd period at 7:20 a.m. The tardy bell rings at 7:20. If students arrive after 7:20 and are not excused, they must report to the Attendance Office in the 900 Building to check into school. This will count as a “school tardy.” Failure to check in properly may result in loss of academic credit in classes and/or disciplinary action.

    • Students are tardy if they arrive to class after the tardy bell rings. 

    • After this time, students MUST have a check-in slip to enter class. 

    • For 1st period unexcused tardies:

      • 1st offense-5th offense results in a lunch detention (a no show will result in an after-school detention)

      • 6th offense results in an after-school detention

      • Starts over at 7th offense

    • For unexcused tardies in periods 2, 3, or 4:

      • 1st offense results in an after-school detention

      • 2nd offense results in an in-school suspension

      • 3rd offense results in an out-of-school suspension 


    Defacing and destroying school property could result in penalties from a 3-day in-school suspension to a remainder of the year suspension, depending on the damage. The student will also be responsible for restitution equal to the repair and/or replacement cost of the damaged item(s). This includes such acts as marking on buildings, destroying ceiling tiles, etc.

    Students suspended for damage to school property will not be readmitted until payment is made or arrangements for restitution are made.


    This is notification to all students that a video surveillance system is fully operational at John Ehret High School. Videos obtained from this surveillance system can and will be used for possible disciplinary action and/or arrest.


    If for any reason a student must withdraw from school, the student’s parent/legal guardian is to obtain a withdrawal form from the Curriculum Office. This form is to be signed by the parent/guardian and the designated personnel. The student must return all books to the school. If books are in the student’s locker, the student will be escorted to his/her locker by a monitor. The student is not to go to individual teachers for grades. Before any records are released and final clearance granted, all textbooks and other school property shall be returned and all accounts must be cleared.