Mission & Vision

  • Joseph C. Moscona School helps students to become life-long learners and good citizens through academic excellence.


    Joseph C. Moscona School provides a nurturing environment where students have the necessary tools to become life-long learners and conscientious citizens through academic excellence. 

    Joseph C. Moscona School Logo

  • Regular schedule: 7:45-2:35

    Early dismissal schedule: 7:45-12:05

    Students may begin arriving on campus at 7:15. 

Our Leadership Team

  •  Dolhonde administrative team- three women and one man stand side by side 

    Moscona's leadership team, from left

    Fateshia Fredericks, Assistant Principal


    Angela Bradley, Principal


    Kim Tumminello, TAP Master Teacher


    Zachary Fields, Dean of Students


    A Message from Our Principal 

    portrait of principal, Angela Bradley

    Greetings, Cardinal families, faculty, staff, students & friends! My name is Angela Bradley, and I proudly, gratefully, humbly serve as your School Principal. I am truly delighted to be entering into my sixth year of leadership at Joseph C. Moscona School. At Moscona, formerly Ella Dolhonde, we especially value building relationships through service. We believe that through these relationships, we can foster our students’ growth. We build bridges with our students, collaborative teams with our colleagues, partnerships with students’ caregivers, and community partnerships with our stakeholders. With these strong bonds that form our foundation, our Cardinal students SOAR academically! We work to provide a nurturing environment so that our students feel safe, secure and supported. Our ultimate goal is to help our students become responsible, independent, good citizens, and lifelong learners. 

    Our school certainly has a historical charm! With its charming stucco school building and red Spanish-tile roofing, Moscona has a historic, nostalgic feel. As one walks through the hallways, his or her shoes echo upon the original wood floors, which are scratched, scuffed, and weathered from enduring nearly one hundred years of foot-traffic. We are looking forward to celebrating our centennial 100-year Moscona school celebration in 2026. We have so much to be grateful for at Joseph C. Moscona School! A strong team of educators that laid the foundation before us, I am looking forward to building upon this bedrock of tradition.

    Once a tiger, always a tiger! Since graduating in 2004 from LSU with my bachelors in Elementary Education, I embarked upon a journey of lifelong learning. After gaining valuable knowledge and experience teaching in the classroom, I decided to return to LSU in 2016 to pursue my masters in Educational Leadership. After graduating in 2018, I immediately enrolled in LSU’s doctoral program in Educational Leadership in the Summer of 2018. In December of 2022, I completed my Ph.D. in Educational Leadership at Louisiana State University. I look forward to continuing this quest for knowledge and journey of learning. My daily drive is fueled by my intense love for children and all things education. With self-discipline, strong work ethics, and determination in tow, my natural talents and abilities have ultimately shaped my path towards leadership. 

    I am looking forward to a wonderful school year!  

    Dr. Bradley