Mission & Vision



    Mission Statement:  Our Schools'current mission is to empower all students by providing access to education, building bridges of transition into postsecondary and career opportunities, and supporting them as lifelong learners and producers.

    Cuillier Career Center is named for Jefferson Parish educator, Joseph A. Cuillier (1927 – 1989), Sr. Mr. Cuillier, a veteran of the United States Army, earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and science and then a master’s degree in Administration and Supervision from Xavier University.  Joseph Cuillier taught at Lincoln High School, served as assistant principal, and principal of the school, and later served as central office supervisor. Lincoln Career Center was established in 1982 and then later renamed to Joseph A Cuillier Sr. Career Center to honor the work of this educator in our community. You can read more about Mr. Cuillier under the "History" tap. 

    Cuillier Career Center is a “CAREER-ED” school working in association with Jefferson Parish, Louisiana high schools to provide skill training opportunities and the opportunity to earn industry-based credentials (IBC), readying students for the workplace.  Students working toward the Louisiana Jumpstart TOPS TECH diploma (Career Diploma) and TOPS University Diploma are invited to participate. 

    During their time at the Career Center, students may participate in competitions, service projects and job shadowing events.  Joseph Cuillier Career Center has a history of participating in USA Skills and we look forward to participating again. 

    We thank our business partners and advisors for supporting the work of our teachers and students: Cornerstone; Carpenters Training Fund of Louisiana; Greater New Orleans, Inc.; JEDCO; Laitram, LLC; Ruelco, Inc and Westbank Business & Industry Association.

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    Students attend classes for half the day at their home-based and half at the career center. Bus transportation is provided from the home school.

    Daily Sessions

    Session 1 – 8:15am – 11:15am

    Session 2 – 12:20pm – 3:20pm


Our Principal

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    Killian Williams-Morantine

    A leader, writer, speaker, educational futurist, griot, artist, and an award-winning educator. He brings years of work experience from major industries. He is dedicated to helping educators focus on becoming better leaders, teachers, and creators. Killian has published work featured through the New Orleans Data Center,  and sites like the Art of Education. Mr . Williams helps and guides faculty to empower themselves by providing access to education, transitioning into post-secondary and career opportunities, and supporting student awareness of access to social mobility through education.