George Cox School Uniform Expectations

  • A student’s uniform should be clean, neat, and maintained at all times.

    Dress Code Expectations:

    1. No hats or hoods may be worn in the school building at any time.

    2. Boys may not wear earrings.

    3. Girls may not wear long or artificial nails, for safety reasons.

    4. Girls may wear only small post earrings; no dangling or hoops allowed. 

    Uniform Tops:

    1. All 1st- 5th grade students must wear the green school uniform shirt (with George Cox logo) every day.  All Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students must wear PURPLE uniform shirts with appropriate bottoms.

    2.  Sweaters and cardigans with the George Cox logo may be purchased from the retailers listed below.

    3.  Shirts MUST be neatly tucked into the students pants or shorts at all times.

    Uniform Bottoms and Shoes:

    1. School pants, knee-length shorts, knee-length skirts, and jumpers are khaki in color and TRADITIONAL in style. George Cox uniforms pants may be purchased at:

    Skobel’s Uniform Shop          or           Uniforms by Logo Express

    1742 Stumpf Boulevard                               109 Wall Boulevard

           504.366.6887                                                504.394.8704

    2. Khaki pants, skirts (at the knee or below), shorts, and jumpers are acceptable. Cargo and Capri pants ARE NOT
    acceptable. Shorts must be hemmed and fall 3 inches above the knee.  No pants should include elastic at the ankles.

    3. A belt must be worn on all pants or shorts having belt loops, except kindergarten students wearing elastic pants.

    4.  The pants must fit comfortably around the waist.

    5. Only kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students may wear pants with an elastic waist.

    6. The appropriate uniform shoes are tennis shoes.

    7. Shoestrings MUST be worn on shoes with shoestring holes and must be tied at all times.  It is suggested that Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students wear tennis shoes with velcro straps.