Uniform Policy

  • Bridgedale’s uniform consists of a Forest Green golf/t-shirt with the school logo on the left chest with Navy Blue bottoms, such as: shorts/long pants/skorts/jumpers (NO JEANS) with socks and tennis shoes. Shirts must be tucked in. Shorts/pants must be worn at the waist. Shorts must be walking length and skorts/skirts/jumpers must be mid-thigh length.
    Only on very cold days Navy Blue sweat pant ( not the nylon type) may be worn. School colored sweatshirts or heavy jacket (no Starter Jackets) is permitted. These coats and jackets may not be worn in the classroom. Jackets that are not school colors (Green, Navy, White, Grey, Brown, Black) are not permitted on campus. Face masks must be worn at all times.

    Only white, green or navy blue t-shirts/turtlenecks may be worn under the uniform shirt. The uniform shirt must be worn on top.
    This uniform code will be enforced according to the following parish policy:

    • 1st offense – notification of policy
    • 2nd offense – behavior report
    • 3rd offense – a.m. detention 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
    • 4th offense – parent conference

    We all must have pride in the way we dress in order to show we are from Bridgedale Elementary. Anything worn that interferes with the learning of other students is not allowed. The Jefferson Parish Public Schools has adopted the following policy on student dress code. It is the policy of the Jefferson Parish Public School System to have a dress policy, which is impartial, non-discriminatory, and mandatory for its students. It is the obligation of the Jefferson Parish Schools to provide an educational atmosphere, which shall be conducive to the learning process. Students, teachers, and administrators have the right to be free from distracting influences, which hinder the learning process. It is also the obligation of the school to enforce the attributes of personal hygiene, neatness and safety.

    Therefore, all students must maintain a physical appearance in keeping with the below policy:

    1. No student shall wear tight-fitting outer garments.
    2. All students must wear tennis shoes. Shoes, which present a safety hazard, shall not be allowed.
    3. Students hair must be clean. Student’s hair must be combed. Hairstyles must not impair the sight.
    4. No student shall wear sunglasses indoors unless proper medical certification is presented.
    5. No student shall be allowed to wear shorts that are not hemmed. Shorts that are hemmed shall be allowed in the elementary schools. Shirts must be tucked in and shorts/skorts must be walking length.
    6. No student shall wear clothing that shall expose the back, chest or constantly expose the midriff.
    7. All students must wear appropriate undergarments.
    8. Hats shall not be worn.
    9. Excessively long clothing which represents a hazard shall not be permitted.
    10. No student shall be permitted to bring to school a weapon or anything that can be used as a weapon. Therefore, rakes and rat-tail combs are prohibited.
    11. Students shall not wear mini-skirts.


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