Uniform Policy

student with book

    It is the responsibility of the parent to secure appropriate clothing for the student. In the event that a student is not in uniform, a parent will be notified to provide proper uniform. Bissonet Plaza requires all students to wear the school uniform. Uniforms consist of:

    prek student Pre-K and Kindergarten

    Bissonet Plaza Purple Polo Shirt with Navy Pants, Shorts, Skirts or Jumpers. Velcro Tennis Shoes.







    student 1st -5th Grades

    Bissonet Plaza Red, Polo Shirt with Navy Pants or shorts with a belt and tennis shoes.




    uniform shirt and skirt 6th-8th Grades

    Bissonet Plaza White Oxford Button Down Shirt OR Middle School T-Shirt.  Girls:  Bissonet Plaza Plaid Skirt (with shorts underneath) OR Navy Pants or Navy Shorts with a belt and Tennis Shoes. Boys: Navy Shorts or Navy Pants, with a Belt and Tennis Shoes.








    All Students

    Belts must be worn and shirts must be tucked in. Tennis Shoes and must tie, buckle or Velcro. No slippers, thongs, etc. are acceptable. BASEBALL CAPS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Hats and sunglasses may not be worn in classrooms. Students must wear tennis shoes on the P.E. days.