Child Care

  • To download the Child Care Registration form click here.

    Child care will be open from 7:00 until 7:55 a.m. for morning care and from 3:20 to 6:00 p.m. for child care.

    The children may be dropped off (before 7:55) and picked up (after 3:45) in the cafeteria.

    Students who have not been picked up by 3:45 in carpool must be registered and will be brought to child care for the afternoon. Parking for child care before 7:45 and after 4:00 is inside the gate in the rear of the school. Please do not park in any reserved spots. After 7:45 or before 4:00, please park outside the gate and walk your child into/out of the cafeteria. Child care ends at 7:55. At this time, please enter the carpool line for drop-off. There will be no one to receive your child at child care. Carpool and buses will be in the rear of the school until 3:45. Please do not enter the cafeteria to pick up your child until this time.

    Payments are due on Monday (or the first day of the week). Late fees will be added beginning on Wednesday.


    Per child – $20.00 August-January

    $15.00 February-April


    AM & PM – $32.00/week

    AM only – $20.00/week

    PM only – $27.00/week

    Drop in Fees: (per day)

    AM drop in – $5.00

    PM drop in – $7.00

    All day drop in – $11.00


    Late Payments – $5.00 per day

    NSF fee – $15.00

    Late pick-up – $1.00 per min./per family

    **All current Jeferson Parish School Board Employees will receive a 10% discount for their child(ren) on weekly child care fees

    **Please make all checks payable to JPPSS