Child Care

  • Hours of Operation

    After school Child Care begins at 2:10 and ends at 6:00 p.m.


    The length of the week is determined by the academic week, not by how many days the child will attend. The fees for child care are $60.00/week full time; $25.00/week for A.M. only, and $35.00/week for P.M. only. However, a discounted rate applies (see below) when weekly tuition fees are paid on time.

    All parents/guardians pay registration and child care fees as follows: There is no discount for additional children.


    5 Day Academic Week:


    A.M. ONLY WEEKLY FEE $20.00

    P.M. ONLY WEEKLY FEE $27.00

    DROP – IN FEES: DROP IN FEES ARE DUE WITHIN THE WEEK THAT THEY ARE INCURRED OR ELSE A $5.00 LATE FEE WILL BE APPLIED EACH WEEK THEY REMAIN UNPAID. Only 3 drop-ins are allowed in an academic week, otherwise the weekly tuition applies with late fees.

    A.M. ONLY $5.00 (maximum of 3/academic week)

    P.M. ONLY $7.00 (maximum of 3/academic week)

    FULL DAY $11.00:  A.M./P.M. occur in the same day (maximum of 3/academic week)


    Shortened Academic Weeks

    When schools are not in session for a full week, child care fees are adjusted accordingly. Please verify amount owed before purchasing money orders or writing checks because credits are not allowed.

    The  fee schedules for reduced weeks are as follows:

    Length of Academic Week:

    1 Day Academic Week                                                                 3 Day Academic Week

    Full Time $6.40                                                                                       Full Time $19.20

    P.M. Only 5.40                                                                                         P.M. Only 16.20

    A.M. Only 4.00                                                                                         A.M. Only 12.00


    2 Day Academic Week                                                                  4 Day Academic Week

    Full Time $12.80                                                                                     Full Time $25.60

    P.M. Only 10.80                                                                                       P.M. Only 21.60

    A.M. Only 8.00                                                                                        A.M. Only 16.00


    No partial payments will be accepted. No post-dated checks will be accepted. All fees are non-refundable. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS ARE MADE IF A CHILD IS ABSENT.

    Payments are to be made on Monday or the first day of the week. A $5.00 late fee will be assessed on the third (3) day, $10.00 will be assessed on the fourth (4) day, and $15.00 will be assessed on the fifth(5) day. (This also includes drop-in and late pick-up fees.) If payment is not made by the end of the week, the child will be removed until all fees are paid. (NO CHILD WILL BE ALLOWED TO RETURN ON MONDAY OR NEXT CHILD CARE DAY IF FEES FROM PREVIOUS WEEK ARE NOT PAID.)

    Registration Fee Schedule:

    A student must be registered with the Child Care Program each school year in order to participate in the program on a regular or drop-in basis. These fees cover student insurance and supplies for school year. Registration application must be completed and registration fees paid before child can enter. This fee must be paid for drop-in students as well.

    August through January 31st: $20.00

    February 1st through April 30th: $15.00

    May 1st until the end of the academic year: $10.00

    JP Schools Employee Discount does not apply to Registration Fees.

    Weekly Fee/Receipts

    All weekly fees are non-refundable, NO EXECPTIONS

    Copies of Child Care Receipts/Sign In Sheets – $15.00: Child care receipts are given weekly. It is the parents responsible to maintain accurate records. A $15.00 charge is required for copies of receipts and or sign in sheets for each requested calendar year. (ex. 09-10, $15.00, 07 thru 10, $30.00)

    NSF Procedures

    Parents will be notified by the school account clerk of any NSF checks. A fee of 25.00 will be charged for any NSF check received.


    1) Students will not be allowed in child care until the NSF check has been cleared.

    2) Any parent that has multiple NSF occurrences will be required to pay child care fees with a money order for the remainder of the

    school year.


    The policy of the Child Care Program is to promote a safe, secure and orderly environment, which will serve to enhance the goals of Child Care. Students are required to be well behaved at all times. Under no circumstance will violent, disruptive and/or abusive behavior be tolerated. Students will not be allowed to run in the building or go to the bathrooms or any other place without proper supervision.

    A written referral will be completed by the Child Care Director when behavior problems arise: (3 referrals may be reason for permanent dismissal from the child care program.)

    The parent/guardian will be advised of the situation, asked to sign bottom of the referral, given a copy of the referral, and informed that they will be notified by Principal of any further action.

    Then referral will then be submitted to the Principal for disciplinary action.


    Sign In/Out Procedures

    The parent/guardian must sign-in their child/ren each morning and signed out each afternoon at the designated child care area.

    A child will not be released to anyone whose name is not on the registration/emergency card unless appropriate procedures have been followed:

    1.         If parent/guardian sends written notification, the parent/guardian must be contacted by the child care director or school staff on the telephone for oral verification.

    2.         If a parent/guardian telephones, the child care director or school office staff must use the student’s registration form/emergency card to contact parent/guardian for verification.

    3.         If the person who is picking up your child is not on the registration form/emergency card list, the site director will make a copy of the person’s driver’s license for identifying information.

    No child is ever to be released without proper authority and a signature.

    Late Pick-Ups

    All children must be picked up by 6:00 p.m. The child care staff has families, obligations, and appointments, so please be considerate and make arrangements for your child to be picked up by someone else when you know you will not be on time.

    When a child is not picked-up by 6:00 p.m. the following procedure will be followed.

    1. Parent/guardian will be responsible to pay $1.00 per minute per family.

    2. By 6:15 p.m. the Child Care Director will inform the principal and the appropriate police department, if the parent or guardian has not

    communicated with the Director.

    3. After three (3) late pick-ups, a referral will be written by the director and given to the principal. A permanent dismissal of the child/ren

    from the Child Care program may result.

    Emergency Dismissal/School Closing

    During the school year it may become necessary to dismiss students early due to an emergency situation. Our primary concern will be to insure the safety of all students. The following procedures will be used to keep parents informed.

    1. It is mandatory that all children have an emergency card on file. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep all information current and accurate. Inform the Child Care Director whenever the information needs to be revised.

    2. The news media will be notified by the Superintendent’s office if schools will be closed due to an emergency. The official news media for Jefferson Parish Public School System is the WWL radio/news station.

    3. If school is closed, there will be no child care available.

    4. If schools are going to close on the next school day, the decision will be made by 5:00 a.m. of that day.

    5. The decision to dismiss school early is usually made by 11:00 a.m.

    6. Make sure that you have a plan for your child to be picked up in the event of an emergency. 


    Early Release Days

    Morning Child Care will be offered on early release days, however, there will be NO after care.