•  Pandemic EBT Assistance to Families

    As school facilities remain closed, households that meet the following criteria may now be eligible to receive P-EBT benefits to help them buy food for their children:
    • Families with one or more children in their household.
    • Children who normally receive free and reduced-price meals at school - this includes students that attend a school that participates in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).
    Eligible families who complete an online application at https://pebt.doe.louisiana.gov/PublicApps/SNP/ will be issued a P-EBT debit card by the Louisiana Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) to access benefits. The deadline to apply is June 8th at 4:30PM. 
    The online application requires that the student information entered must exactly match the information on the student demographic page in JCAMPUS. 
    The online application is run by DCFS and requires the following fields: SSN, first name, middle initial, last name, date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy), gender, school district, and school.  You may be able to assist families by providing the following information:
    • SSN should match in numbers - if there is no SSN in JCAMPUS  the parent can try to enter the other information on the DCFS application without a SSN (also a temporary SSN which begins with a 9 listed in JCAMPUS should not be entered)
    • First name should match in spelling, capitalization, symbols, and spaces
    • Middle initial should match - if there is no middle initial in JCAMPUS the parent should not enter a middle initial on the DCFS application
    • Last name should match in spelling, capitalization, symbols, and spaces
    • Date of birth should match in day, month, and year
    • Gender should match (female, male)
    • School district should be Jefferson Parish
    • School should match the school that the student is enrolled in JCAMPUS

    In JCAMPUS, a code of LU1 and LU2 means that the student qualifies for free and reduced meals and thus should qualify for P-EBT.  

    If there is a code of LU3 in JCAMPUS, this means that the student does not qualify for free or reduced meals and thus will not qualify for P-EBT

    Please note these codes are not relevant for students that attend a school that participates in CEP.  If the family feels that their situation has changed since they submitted their free and reduced meal application at the beginning of the year, they can complete another meal application online at https://fsa.jpschools.org/ through May 31st at 3PM. Please note this is a separate application and only determines their meal status. Once approved, they can then reapply for P-EBT through the DCFS online application.  Students that attend a school that participates in CEP should not submit a meal application as they automatically qualify for P-EBT but should apply for P-EBT through the DCFS online application.

    Families should contact the LAHelpU Call Center at 1-888-524-3578 for any questions about the P-EBT program or application. 


JP Schools Student Fees

  • All schools will now begin using the same schedule of fees. This is a list of authorized school fees that includes each fee’s purpose, use, amount or authorized range, and how each will be collected. 

    In addition, families who meet the guidelines for waivers may receive a 50% reduction in student fees. Fees covered by the amended policy are any monetary payment or supplies required as a condition of a student being enrolled in school or participating in any curricular or co-curricular activity. This does not include fees associated with before or after-care, class trips, items purchased through third-party vendors, and fees associated with extracurricular activities. 

    Some examples of waiver eligibility include active military, foster care, homelessness, or families who are on government assistance. 

    Parents or legal guardians may request and receive a waiver of payment of a fee due to economic hardship. Waivers are available on the district’s website (see below), with the school counselor/social worker, and at the district’s Compliance Office (501 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, LA 70058). If a waiver is denied at the school level, the parent or legal guardian may appeal the decision to the district’s Compliance Office. 

Ellis Student Fees